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  1. I have three computers in my family and all of us run Win2KPro. We keep up with the updates and service packs and really don't have any os problems. The problem is that I would really like to buy a new iRiver H10-20Gb MP3 player for a number of reasons, but it says it needs WinXP SP1 on my computer to function. Am I going to have to go to XP anyway soon? Should I go ahead and bite the upgrade bullet (time, money, retrain, etc) or find some other way to fill my MP3 needs. Any advice is welcome.
  2. I am running W2K with all the updates. Every now and then Windows will not let me delete or otherwise handle a file saying it is in use, etc, even though it is not. I then resort to the msdos prompt. My problem is that I cannot find the command prompt directly. I go to start\programs\accessories\ but there is no command prompt option. When I go to "windows help" and look up command prompt information, in the explanation it gives me a shortcut for the command prompt which brings up a dos window with the line "c:\documents and settings\administrator". Where would I look for this shortcut so I can invoke it directly or how do I reinstall it?
  3. Please be assured that I will shout your praises to everyone on my email list. Thanks again!
  4. VICTORY FOR THE MOUSE!!! I did as you suggested, rebooting after each change, and the bin corrected itself. I really appreciate your time and effort and wish there was some way I could repay you in kind for your help. Everyone on the forum is always helpful. I do not have the depth of knowledge some of you do, but I will browse the forum when I can to see if I can put 2 cents in and possibly pass the favor along. Again, thank you to everybody that pitched in to help me.
  5. I was looking through the HELP section under "start" and it confirms that you only have the security, or rights settings, with NTFS. I will try checking the recycle bin, rebooting, unchecking, rebooting and let you know.
  6. The "Do not move to the recycle bin" has always been unchecked. I am using FAT32. How do I see what rights I have?
  7. The folders are named "Recycled". When I rigt click on properties I do not find an owership tab as I thought I would.
  8. Sorry, but I am confused. I can change the size of the bin (I just upped it to 20%) but there are no files to delete according the the bin. What box do you mean to remove the files totally? "How do I "turn off the bin totally"?
  9. Oh yes, I did set up a new user and logged on but nothing changed with regard to the recycle bin.
  10. I did not realize that there were two hidden file settings. I had checked to "Show hidden files & folders" but had not UNchecked "Hide protected OS files". I unchecked that and the recycle bin shows up on both my D drive where all of my work is stored and the C drive where I keep my apps. I did it that way for backup purposes. Anyway the Recycle bin shows on C shows 9 files in it and the one on D shows 486 files in it when I click properties but none show up when I double click them to open the folder. I have told the Symantec program to purge all of the files it was protecting, but it looks like they are still there somehow in D. This is begining to sound like a Symantec problem. What do you think?
  11. Yes, I checked for folders named "recycle" figuring that it may have been changed and this shortened version would pick it up, but there is no such folder. I also checked for "recycler" but no good also. I did check the bin and the settings are correct with 10% of my 20 Gb HD allocated for the bin. It is set to show hidden files and I have SP4.
  12. I have the disk. How do you do that?
  13. Let me be more clear than I think I was. I still have the Recycled Bin on my desktop, its just that it never shows anything I delete and I cannot find it on either of my hard drives C & D.
  14. No, I cannot find a Recycled Folder or directory anywhere on either drive. I have searched both with Win Explorer for "Recycle" and "Info", but no good.
  15. I have disabled the Symantec protection and purged all of the files it was protecting, thinking that it may have met some volumn level that would not allow the recycle bin to hold anything else (also called grasping at straws!) I also went back to my least favorite site, Microsoft, and waded through their Knowledge Base. One of the suggestions that it offered was that perhaps I no longer had rights to the Recycled directory, via some unknown corruption, and suggested i check the access. Problem: I cannot find a "Recycled" directory on either of my hard drives. In another article, intended for W98, it talks about problems exactly like I have and attributes them to damaged "INFO" files in the Recycled directory, and/or damaged files in the Recycled Folder which may cause a problem. It suggests that the user delete the INFO files and the Recycled directory via a command prompt and that they will automatically reform at boot up. I'd try this except I can't find the Recycled directory and I am unsure about these directions originally intended for W98. What do you think?

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