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  1. i think i just dont get the idea of how boot works, though i have years of experience with computers. I have an SSD drive (connected via NVMe) work fine up until: - i connected another SSD drive (via SATA), then it booted into other windows OP on the sata drive. - i disconnected the sata drive, expected to go back to the windows installed on the NVMe drive, and got the attached message btw, recovery tools doesn't fix it. I just don't have control over the ability to choose which drive it will boot from. More over, now i can't even recover my main (NVMe) drive.
  2. thank you both :) i think i leave the indexing service. it'll be more east to find files like that.
  3. Since i changed to windows 7 - the external HD works and works - allmost all day long. why? how can i check what windows do with the HD? thank you all :)
  4. How did This happend? I've installed the screen drivers (Philips 170b) and after that the colour in photoshop changed. this is how they look now :(: This is how it's suppose to be shown: I've trid to change settings in this window. it didn't help :0 : Thank you all.
  5. That's wired the version of cscapi.dll on the page is 6.0.6000.20711 and when search for all the files named cscapi.dll in my windows dir i found all of them are 6.0.6001.18000 how can my files be newer?
  6. My version is vista X64 - so i downloaded the x64 version. What else could be the problem?
  7. You need to read the article to understand what the hotfix and the registry change are doing. :-( I tried download this hotfix: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/942845 But when i try to install it, i get the message "the update does not apply to your system" so this file won't update the system. I have Vista SP1
  8. Thank you ver much! do i need both to install the hotfix AND do the registry changes? anyway - Thank you :-)
  9. It's every folder! i can't rename folders or delete them while they're OFFLINE FOLDERS. i CAN rename and change files - but NOT folders! is it suppose to be like that?!
  10. i just had enough. i formated and install all again. thank you anyway :)
  11. I think S731S74S hit the spot, my first suggestion would be purchase more memory. Ian 2MB RAM
  12. :0 I dont know why, but i can change (move, delete, rename etc) files on the offline folder - but i cant change sub folders in it! why?
  13. I disabled the floppy, and removed startup programs too - nothing helps. i tried to disable the ethernet card and the modem too. can it be hardware problem?
  14. IMPORTENT DETAIL: The floppy is not the reason for the stuck. sometimes the floppy tries to load (load noise+LED) and THEN comes the stuck. one more importent detail: While windows stuck - desktop is active (i can move icons etc..) but the sub menus on start menu are stuck.
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