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  1. davlam

    IE Saving .jpg as .jpe

    you're welcome ;)
  2. davlam

    CPU Throttling Control

    have a look at this app. I use it on my dell..it's a good idea to read the maual, makes things a lot clearer. here hth, cheers, davlam
  3. davlam


    right click the drive you want to check then properties>tools>error checking and select your options . if it is the boot disk/partition you want to check and/or the disk is in use chkdsk (as it is now known) will run next time you boot. or to run form command prompt start>run>cmd type chkdsk x: /f (where x is the drive/partition you want to check) HTH, cheers, davlam
  4. davlam

    IE Saving .jpg as .jpe

    Could be registy edit time..............it's likely this has been forceably changed when assigning associations to another application. start>run>regedit then navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type\image/jpeg and if the extension is set to .jpe change it.. you may need to reboot.. HTH cheers, davlam
  5. hiya, wow!! it's been a while since i've visited this forum so i'd better make up for my absence.. there is some info here that might help .. cheers, davlam
  6. davlam

    Lord Of The Rings - The Two Towers Dvd

    i got mine last week (monday i think) 11.99 from tesco...haven't watched it yet tho, too busy on this flipping pc...hehehehe..i've also read all the books.... cheers, davlam ps..and at nearly 3 hrs long i won't be watching it tonight either..hehe
  7. davlam

    Nacoya Needs Our Help

    thanks for the votes guys :D glenn(nacoya) says thanks as well... ;) cheers, davlam

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