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  1. after testing Crunchbang linux [which seems nothing faster as Ubuntu] and thinking of which distro i would use.. i decided to stick with Ubuntu :P but instead of updating to the slow version of Ubuntu [9.10] ill stick with the fast version :P [9.4] :D thanks for all the advices :) the reason i chose for ubuntu? its much more user friendly, and it looks much better, than the rest :P
  2. ok i just tested DSL and Puppy, and Puppy is definitly the one i prefer right now.. ill have a test run at Crunch-Bang Linux too now
  3. ill try out DSL and Puppy and see which one i like the best [on VMWare] and are they also a bit energy-efficient? in terms of energy saving? because theyre light...
  4. could you give me some more info about those OSs? like the differences... and which one you prefer oh, and which one is the easiest to use?
  5. hi, I'm searching for the fastest and lightest Linux Distro [or another good OS]. I would like to install it on my notebook, next to Windows Vista and OSX86. It needs to be able of handling popular file formats, and i would like to be able of surfing the web, fast and safe. Please let me know if you know a good Linux distro [or another good OS] btw: please dont recommend old OSs like Windows 95 :S Thanks in advance!
  6. ok somehow the Netbook Remix runs like crap, so im removing it...
  7. im am using Windows Vista when i installed the regular Ubuntu via the Wubi installer[though now i installed from the UNR CD, to improve the performance], i added it too vistas bootloader using EasyBCD but i now have that bootloader left, with only Vista and OSX to choose from, so no Ubuntu so i guess removing the Mac thingy would be the easiest? and... is it possible to edit the names shown in the GRUB bootloader? btw: i dont know much about linux advanced system stuff, i even had to look up on the internet what mount point to use during the installation XD
  8. i just installed it, but when i boot i first get the GRUB bootloader, and then the Windows Bootloader is there a way to remove the windows bootloader? btw: the GRUB shows: -ubuntu -ubuntu recovery mode -memtest -memtest [a bit different, cant remember] -windows recovery partition -windows normal -mac osx the windows bootloader shows: -windows -mac osx i prefer the windows bootloader, but it doesnt display ubuntu so what i would like to do is: -remove GRUB and add ubuntu to windows bootloader or -remove windows bootloader i prefer the first method, because GRUB needs to load a few seconds..
  9. i think it does, but i havent downloaded it yet [download it right now :P]
  10. but would ubuntu netbook remix work on a regular notebook?
  11. i was wondering if its possible to install the Linux Ubuntu Netbook Remix onto a regular notebook [with a Core 2 Duo CPU]? i was wondering because Ubuntu 9.10 boots very slow, in comparison to 9.4, and i want a fast booting linux distro, with only the need to have internet access [i also tried Goblin, but that doesnt work, its Atom only...]
  12. WOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! i asked a friend of mine, who is a programmer, if you knew a solution, or could make one so he said i should download the SCAR Divi program, a macro program. he wrote a little code for me, to use, the code he wrote was the following: program DubbelTap; begin while(true) do begin if(isKeyDown('a') and IsFunctionKeyDown(0)) then begin SendKeysWait('aa',10,0); end; if(isKeyDown('w') and IsFunctionKeyDown(0)) then begin SendKeysWait('ww',10,0); end; if(isKeyDown('d') and IsFunctionKeyDown(0)) then begin SendKeysWait('dd',10,0); end; if(isKeyDown('s
  13. oh ok :P what were you looking for? and i downloaded and tried some key mapping software, but somehow those extra keys arent valid keys... because those arent registered as keystrokes... really weird :(
  14. try searching on the Acer Aspire 7730G 1TB, that probably will give results [its the only 7730G with 1TB storage :P and a 9600GT M graphics card...]
  15. Softpedia, yes TFC & Download, no ill check them for something usefull :S
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