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  1. It's not that simple without establishing a vpn connection. If you're trying to connect from a server then best way is for the remote pc to start a vpn to the server. Once this is done the remote pc will have an address on the server's domain and you can then remote desktop to it (providing settings are correct in remote tab on computer properties, ie, allow remote connections). If its between two stand-alone workstations then you cant remote desktop without vpn boxes at each end. If no server is involved it can be done by using remote assistance. This involves using an email client or messenger account to send a request for 'remote support'. This is explained in start\help & support, under 'Ask for assistance. Though, this may not be helpful as it needs someone at both ends ! If its something that'll be regular it may be worth buying a couple of vpn boxes and setup a vpn link.
  2. Playing with a test OU in active directory that has one test user in. Problem is if I set a policy say, for pswd to be 10 chars it happily accepts a 5 char pswd as set in the default domian policy. Tried setting 'block inheritence' on the domain policy and on my test policy with no change. Are policies set at the top level default policy forced down through others ? Help appreciated, as usual ...
  3. Thanks for the reply though I've already seen that site along with a ream of others ! I've since found out a little more. The release of the messaging and security feature pack which will allow true push email to pda's running Windows mobile 5 (talking to exchange) has been put back to 2nd quarter 2006. But, good news is that the update can be applied to existing devices, though only available via OEM's & manufacturers. Plus you can get something close to push email (a la blackberry) now by setting outlook on the pda to sync remotely with exchange every 5mins (does anyone need email quicker than 5 mins !?). Only drawback is that you can't view public folders with this method. Though this can be achieved using OWA and any PC browser, there are software plugins that run on the exchange server than 'trim down' the OWA data to be viewed on mobiles using a gprs browser. This works well and is quite usable. So, I'm happy cos finally there's something that'll kill off blackberry's monopoly over the mobile email market.
  4. This may not be the best place to post this as I'm sure there's dedicated forums, but anyway ... I'm trying to gather some info on Windows Mobile 5 on PDA's & smartphones. There's a patch / upgrade that will (hopefully !) be available before long called 'Messaging and Security feature pack for windows mobile 5'. Amongst other things, it enables push-email on windows mobile 5 devices from exchange 2003 SP2. The feature pack is supposed to be available 1st quarter 2006 and I've heard rumours of march release though I suspect mobile operators are already testing it. Big question is whether or not the OS on the device can be upgraded to include the forthcoming feature pack or if it'll only be available on newly bought devices. If there's anyone who has info on this I'd be grateful for it. Many thanks in advance ...
  5. Many thanks for your reply. I'll check the setting and give it a try.
  6. Have a laptop that has wireless link to a router (adsl). This then connects to an office network using windows vpn. Weird thing is that when it's connected to the vpn network it can't see the internet. Looks like it's using the vpn connection to get to the internet but failing. Might be something to do with dns ? Any ideas appreciated ...
  7. Nothing to indicate the board isn't supported on Win98. Will try deleting the device and installing win98 over the top. Any other ideas?
  8. The board was bought with XP in mind initially. But now need to preserve the old W98 system. I'll check that out.
  9. I have a Win98 system on a new gigabyte motherboard. Problem is in the device manager the primary & secondary ide controllers both show with errors against the drivers (yellow exclamation mark). Properties reports that either its an incorrect driver or it's not installed correctly. Tried deleting the parent controller to let windows find it & reload driver at startup. It does this but with same result. I know why this has come about and I've seen the problem before though I can't remember what I did to cure it ... The hard drive with a Win98 system on has been moved to another mobo/cpu and started up. Problem is that with the ide controllers out of action, so are the cd drives. I have copied the mobo driver cd to the hard drive to run it's setup from there which works (ish). But there doesn't appear to be separate (or recognisable) drivers for the ide controllers. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated ...
  10. Thanks to all for the replies. The bios correctly reports the hdd as 40GB, though I have already tried reseting to bios defaults. I have booted from a diag CD with several disk utilities, all of which report the disk as 40GB. Regardless of how many times I reboot, deleting/defining partitions, etc windows setup always reports the drive as 6GB. The laptop has now done this with two different hdd's now - the new one and the original, so am tempted to think it's some kind of hardware problem with the laptop itself.
  11. Put a new 40GB drive in an HP omnibook xe4100 laptop. Bios sees it as 40GB as does every HDD utility prog I view it with. But when I come to install WinXP Pro (from a brand new CD) it thinks it's only 6GB. I have tried the following, amongst others ... Writing new MBR using windows & other utils Creating 40GB NTFS partition using windows & other utils Removing all partition/mbr info Recreating just mbr Recreating partition. Basically I tried all I can think of and still Windows install only 'sees' a 6GB drive.
  12. Thanks for the replies micken. I have seen the external drive bays / cases, but what I was really after was some kind of universal device that would have a usb2 connection to the PC, whilst giving connectivity to laptop hdd's as well as 3.5" desktop hdd's. Unless there's an adaptor out there that allows a laptop HDD to connect to a standard 3.5" IDE connector ? Did have a look on the net but couldn't find anything but a couple of mentions to such a thing.
  13. Hi all. Been using an external usb hard drive (smart drive combo) which is basically a laptop HDD in a case with usb / 1394 connectors. I've used it lately to pull off data from laptops whose windows has gone belly up. Though the unit isn't really built with this in mind, as the casing needs to be unscrewed and that exposes the circuit board of the unit. It occured to me that there must be a HDD caddy of some sort with similar connections, ie, usb. Something that is designed to 'plugin' a laptop, or desktop HDD for the purpose of copying data off. I was thinking an external caddy with connectors for laptop, desktop, sata & scsi hard drives would be perfect, with a usb connector to stick in the PC. A kind of universal HDD connector. So, question is has anyone heard of such a unit ?
  14. Sorry for not replying to this. The point of the post was that a guy was using frontpage and couldn't do without it, but wanted windows reloaded. He didn't have an install cd so decided not to reload. Thanks for your replies.
  15. Apologies for not replying scuzzman. I haven't looked at this problem since. But yes, they were pinging fine. I doubt I'll get involved with this one anymore, so no need for anymore head-scratching on this post ! Many thanks for everyone's replies though. BTW, do these posts need closing in any way, or do they kind of expire ?
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