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  1. Assuming these installation disks are all genuine, have you taken it up with the organisation/person you purchased them from?
  2. Ah, he did it on purpose so that we'd need lots of religious experts to answer that question. Well, that's what a religious expert told me anyway, but I think there's somehow a flaw in the argument.
  3. Thanks AlanHo for reminding us that in the final analysis we all have to decide for ourselves whether a certain thing is right or wrong. I remember a wise Indian man telling me that even if there is a perfect God and he knows everything and always tells the truth, we are only imperfect humans & we may misunderstand him or imagine that we have heard him say something that he has not said.
  4. It's such a relief to hear that you are OK Pat. Our hearts go out to the people of Japan & other affected areas & all that you are going through.
  5. This does not seem to be true for Windows 7. I can get as far as tools>Folder Options but the window that then opens does not include a File Types option. Yes, I assumed the poster was referring to Windows XP. Presumably it's different for Windows 7.
  6. If you are still there, discokid, the best way to restore your registry is to use a system back-up utility. Windows standard System back-up automatically copies the entire registry at the time the back up is made (as do many other 3rd party back-up and mirroring utilities). Registry cleaners only take out what their designers think should not be in the registry. They do not put back in what was previously there. Only a back-up, copy, restore, repair or re-install will do that.
  7. What's happened is that the default My Computer mode has been reset to 'Open' (the default setting) instead of 'Explorer' (which you prefer). To reset the default display to Explorer mode open My Documents just as it is (either Open or Explorer, it doesn't matter). Select Tools at the top of the screen, then Folder Options. In the dialog box select File Types, then scroll down till you find a folder icon with the exacts words "[NONE] Folder" next to it. Click on it, then when the blue hi-lite appears click on Advanced (lower right). Another dialog will appear with 2 options: Explore & Open. Click on Explorer then select Set Default, OK, etc. This will re-set My Computer back to the way you had it before. It will not change again until you change it or re-install Windows or use System Restore or something similar. You can change the default My Documents display (and many other Explorer page displays) like this any time you like.
  8. "I was using the 'favorites' link to access the webpage' - therein lies the explanation I think. Data from previous installation still being stored somewhere & then re-used.
  9. Dencandy

    WD 40

    Thank you, andsome, absolutely fascinating, especially the corrected information.
  10. Even if you uninstall then re-install Chrome it still "secretely" keeps lots of data from the old installation. Also deleted pages on servers don't actually get deleted, they're simply stored somewhere else & for some reason Chrome is connecting you to that "somewhere else." Finally, lots of software (e.g. Adobe Flash, Picasa & Google Earth) keep old information even from previous installations hidden on you computer. I suggest you browse through the Chrome Help pages here: Chrome Help for some more information about dealing with this problem.
  11. I rather think there's more to this than we've been told about. Normally, if someone behaved like this, someone more senior would have a quiet but firm word with the person concerned. Seems more like a mental health problem to me. But after 20years experience, and earning 34 thousand p.a.? Unbelievable!
  12. So, you are saying that you went on the Internet without any malware protection. If so, the answer is most likely due to that. Check for infections. Almost certainly your browsers have been hijacked. Re-set your homepage in each of the browsers (usually a little house near the top of the screen) & if this problem still occurs after that, yes, you've been hijacked. Malwarebytes will identify the problems & direct you on how to remove the infections. You can get the free version here: Malwarebytes. Never, ever, surf the internet without an anti-virus & firewall installed.
  13. Thank you all so much. The rain here has now stopped and we have sunny skies once again, although a lot of people in the east & north have still not been able to return to their homes.
  14. In Hotmail if you click on "Contacts" (it's usually right at the bottom of the screen on the lower left - scroll down to find it) your list of contacts will appear. At the top of that is an item called "Manage". Click on it & you will get the option to Combine (this refers to multiple entries of the same details) & to Clean Up. That last one gives you the option to delete any old, incorrect or unwanted contacts.
  15. There might be another reason for this, as (if I've understood the description correctly) your system is searching rather than autorunning. It could be that the disk or partition you are trying to transfer to is running out of empty disk space, so you could check that if MANEMAN's suggestion doesn't solve the problem.
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