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  1. In XP you can enable safely remove by going to my computer> properties > hardware> device manager, select the drive > properties > policies and put a dot in the button "optimize for performance"
  2. I'd be inclined to recheck the audio cable, is it connected to the correct port, green I believe, so easy to plug the end behind the pc into the mic port As catgate has pointed out onboard sound or sound card ?
  3. test How's that? Only applies to links posted after the change unfortunately
  4. the suggests a dns problem and yet you are posting here, odd
  5. Go to > Start > run > cmd once you have the output r/click select all then paste into the reply, hope it helps
  6. 20:30 just experiencing a problem myself with 404 errors as I was checking this thread, Your last hop before things go awry, belongs to entanet, a shropshire based server, I'm currently getting high ping times with 213.248.64 which is owned by post a tracert of when you are able to connect doug, we may find the one above used by both of us, and could possibly be the fault
  7. how to take ownership of a file or a folder to which you are denied access To get to the security tab in XP home start in safe mode and as administrator
  8. I think if you have a plug n play o/s me, xp & vista (not sure whether w98 was truly p'n'p) then the OS configured the hardware. Some of the earlier linux weren't p'n'p so the BIos had to configure the hardware. I don't believe there is a problem if you allow the bios to configure the hardware.
  9. Using a live linux disk, such as puppy linux you may be able to try a couple of things. 1 Using Gparted, temporarily hide the C drive and set your D drive as active, then delete the c and resize the d drive to use that space. 2 Not using vista myself , you may be able to edit the BCD information in \Boot\Bcd to point to your D partition by using a text editor. there are also other things to try if you have access to tools such as drive image or Acronis, in that you could probably clone your D to C
  10. see how to take ownership of files and folders
  11. Two possibilities other than the above, she's been sleepwalking and dreaming, or, some people are extracting the urine when they ask her. As a politician she's unable to believe that people will do so.
  12. add / remove entries looks to have it covered
  13. to ensure help and support service runs go to start > run > type in services.msc hit ok then scroll down to Help and Support, double click on it to open the properties and ensure it is set to automatically start
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