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  1. -pops-


    New version available today.
  2. -pops-


    I had great problems trying to download the latest version yesterday but, eventually, it worked and it seemed to scan OK. I'll keep an eye on it. Still, the updater doesn't download and I had a message on startup this a.m. trying to sell it to me (free offer no longer there).
  3. -pops-


    No, my Ccleaner is the freebie version.
  4. -pops-


    Software updater doesn't work for me. Error message then shuts off.
  5. -pops-

    Wow a sudden surge in members

    Hardly a day goes by without at least one rubbish new member. I am here almost every morning and evening to prune these things but, it does get quite wearisome when this garbage carries on and on and.............. I'm not the only mod who does this culling of the crap.
  6. -pops-

    No Problems?

    Do you treat zeniths with nadir ointment?
  7. -pops-

    No Problems?

    I also look in regularly and prune the never-ending flow of rubbish members that plague all forums (as I know the other moderators do). There is a problem with the whole forum format. It cannot compete with the so-called social media platforms and is regarded by many as being as modern as Noah and his Ark. Coupled with the fact that the whole raison d'être of Windows Forum is effectively obsolete doesn't offer much hope that anything can be resurrected. Sad? Perhaps but things must move on.
  8. -pops-

    What are you having for dinner today?

    Pasta, probably linguine, with a tomato & cheese sauce. The tomato & cheese sauce comprises my own tomato sauce (see recipe in another section of the forum) with strong Cheddar cut into 1cm cubes and stirred in immediately before serving. Done this way the cheese just melts but doesn't properly mix with the tomato - a ripple effect.
  9. -pops-

    Where's andsome

    The fundamental problem with the forum - and other forums dedicated to computer problems - is that since Microsoft have improved their product(s) so much there is not nearly as much difficulty experienced by users, thus less forum activity. Look at what has happened to PC Advisor (and its forum). It is not only computer forums, though. Forums dedicated to a whole range of other subjects are feeling the effects of more modern communication systems, collectively called social media. Personally, I don't get on with systems like Facebook and whatever the other similar things are. They are too immediate for my ageing brain and I think that may apply to some other members here who do still make an, albeit infrequent, appearance.
  10. -pops-

    What are you having for dinner today?

    Yesterday was a beef curry. I cheated by using a bottled (Sharwoods) Madras sauce. Today is (completely) homemade leek & potato soup with the addition of Silesian (Polish) sausage (that part not homemade). Served with bread (made in the breadmaker).
  11. -pops-

    Where's andsome

    Just shows how well we are doing our job. I also delete/ban several people a week who are trying either to sell things or subvert the forum in other ways.
  12. -pops-

    Where's andsome

    There was a Belatucadrus absence from October 8th to November 28. My 'silent' visits are to try and keep a check that postings do not contravene the law or common decency.
  13. -pops-

    What are you having for dinner today?

    Yesterday was fresh mussels in tomato sauce with rice. Today is hake but not sure how it will be cooked yet. Edit: the hake will be breadcrumbed and shallow fried, served with Actifry chips and cooked frozen peas.
  14. -pops-

    RAM issue

    Formatting should be the last process in tried in speeding up an errant computer.
  15. -pops-

    What are you having for dinner today?

    Yesterday was kippers with bread & butter. Today and tomorrow is Lamb casserole today. Today's will be with a baked potato, tomorrow with Actifry chips.

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