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  1. Reigns/Resigns Ragged/Dragged Hi all, Just passing through, hope you are all keeping well , Ranger
  2. ranger

    Hi all

    Hi all, Somehow got directed to the forums tonight, it's been a few years since I've been here but couldn't just pass through without saying hello and wishing all of you well, Regards and best wishes, Ranger
  3. ranger

    Hey all

    Hi Gandalph, Bludgard, sorry got called away just after I posted, apologies for that
  4. ranger

    Hey all

    Hey all, been a while since I visited the forum, thought i'd pop in and say hello to you all, hope you are all ok, ranger PS is andsome still as good looking as ever (or at least claiming to be :¬))
  5. What do you think, bible thumper getting their come uppance or someone trying to show a bit of thought and care? personally i'm for the latter but me and some of my mates had wildly different thoughts on it.My link
  6. Right who are the pyschos on WF PD Test I got a low on everything sane person that I am
  7. someone posted a link to this on PCadvisors speakers corner link Looks like the govt's out to milk the motorist again, bloody disgraceful that you are found innocent of a offence but the govt still wants it's pound of flesh, what next someone accused of a non mototring offence but still having to pay a fine which in effect I suppose is what's going to happen to motorists
  8. I read this story with dismay, now I can understand that Police should not be allowed to wear badges promoting anything but this rule seems to be selective, but this is not the part I am dismayed with, it's the fact that someone made a complaint that the Union Flag showing support for our troops is offensive and then the Police authorities decide to act on it, if I made a complaint saying that a police officer wearing a gay pride badge was offensive I would be told to go away and stop beig homophobic (spelling?) Frankly if people are offended by Britain, it's laws and customs or it's flag why don't they just go elsewhere. It's time the majorities feelings were taken into consideration and not just the minorities which seems to be happening on a multitude of things, the PC brigade are ruining this country and I think eventually will push more voters into the arms of the extreme right parties meaning the possibilty of more race trouble Support the troops
  9. I agree with andsome, I enjoyed it also
  10. I'm with you on that one Ranger. Statistics show that Scotland cannot afford to stand on it's own two feet. There is not enough population and not enough employment to generate enough income for Scotland to become an Independent Country. Gandalph I take a lot of these figures with a pinch of salt, i've seen figures that show otherwise, frankly I think each one that comes out with facts and figures put them in such a way as to support whatever side they are coming from, yes even the supposedly independant ones. I for one don't wany independance for Scotland and it has nothing to do with being able/unable to stand on "our own two feet" I just think the UK is stronger together than it would be apart. The Scottish parliament (and the Welsh) are just another layer of Government costing us the taxpayer many more millions that could be spent on more useful things like the NHS, roads, schools and yes even arming our troops properly as opposed to paying the toerags in them
  11. I would happily disband the 2nd rate politicians trough that is known as the Scottish parliament if I could
  12. ranger

    Drunk Test

    Christ! am I the only alky on here? :D
  13. ranger

    Drunk Test

    A wee drunkards test, I scored 46% Drunk test
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