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  1. They certainly make sure their "awash" with our money
  2. ERm! the Union flag includes all the home countries flags Oh! and a belated Happy St Georges day to our English cousins from Scotland
  3. Have Fun, wish it was me, course this morning backshift tonight and all this week and all this weekend :(
  4. For RAM Crucialare hard to beat, I have used them many times, in fact I have just ordered laptop memory for myself and a friend from them today, like the others posted I have used Ebuyer, scan and Amazon on many occasions and not had any problems PS, if you are a member of quidco you get 10% back ordering from Crucial
  5. Belated birthday wishes to you and your better half andsome
  6. Well this sparked a lot of replies :lol:
  7. One of my mates asked the following question on another forum, I thought it would be a idea to see the replies on tis forum I read that one of the most common fears people have is that they might be on public transport when something happens. The person next to you gets attacked. What do you do? Either you get up and do something, or you remember that you did nothing-for the rest of your life. I'd like to think that i'd intervene but doing that the chances are you'll end up getting a tanking what would you do? One of the things that surprised me was the amount of people who have had or would got themselves inolved, another thing that popped up with regular occurrence was people getting involved and then maybe finding out the people they helped maybe just deserved a "tanking" (In one of several times I have become involved I think if i'd known the reason the lad was taking a beating I would have ignored it, I've put my reply to the thread below ) MY contribution to the thread I have intervened on several occasions where I thought people were taking a liberty or things getting out of hand and mostly to the good, but there was one occasion coming back from the football at Ibrox where I wasn't to sure I had done the right thing, 4 lads were starting to beat up a lad on the underground train, me and my mate stepped in and threw the 4 attackers off the train before the doors closed, we started speaking to the lad who was getting a tanking and asked why they had attacked him, bold as brass he replied "och a stabbed their mate last week" I was flabbergasted to say the least and it did make me wonder if you should get involed at all.
  8. Maybe she was down to the bear necessities :D Mmmm with jokes like that maybe I shouldn't have come back
  9. Cheers AlanHo when I tried to edit the link it said I wasn't allowed to and kicked me off the site?
  10. You can't do a story on AL Jolsons life without "blacking" up, it just wouldn't be right, and on the other side [post=6]http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-23661916-details/After+Olivier,+black+actors+white+up+at+the+National/article.do
  11. My missus hates GB with a passion, she thinks he's a horrible condescending smug liar of a man, but unlike most folk who think the best way of getting rid of him is through the ballot box or him stepping down, she thinks someone should assisinate him and means it! :0 as much as I don't like the guy myself a bit OTT in my opinion
  12. Where I work I have access to CV areas, swimning, pool, free weights, classes, courses and all the health and excercise advice I could want, do I use it, never, I kow I should, but frankly after giving up football mant moons ago due to dodgy knees I just didn't have and still don't have the motive to train anymore :(
  13. Ranger Hello Ranger I'm not sure that we've met before, I've only been around since November '06. Nice to meet you. ;) Hi Irene, I dont think we have, thanks for introducing youself, nice to meet you too
  14. Cheers Gandalph, looking around the posts tonight I can see theres even more of the old gang than I thought when I had a quick look last night, a hello to them all just sorry to hear Nellies not around, seemed like a very nice person, andsome i'll take both your welcome and your ticking off, I don't want to get in to a argument with the most astute and andsome man on the board
  15. Hi Guys, I haven't posted or been around in a while, well years actually, I have now and again visited but TBH not very often, it's nice to see a lot of the posters/members are still around, I hope you are all well, andsome you still the best looking and brainiest guy on the board, Doug, you still doing the GNR (I get knackerd just thinking about it) Nellie you still having to keep them all in check, especially andsome? Gandalph I did see your birthday wishes to me a couple of year back, meant to put a reply, but got sidetracked, belated thanks I have hardly been visiting any forums in the last few years and post very irregularly on the ones I do visit, mainly because I just don't seem to have the time, yet I work less hours in my real job than I used to, but seem to spend more time doing jobs in the house or for friends and family at "mates rate" which usually means zero or just above, honestly I feel I would have more time if my work hadn't brought us into line with Europe and changed the working week to 35 hours, anyway I have promised myself that I am going to start saying NO to everyone, as frankly I just can't be bothered anymore so you may see me around more, i'm not going to say will as who knows what jobs around the corner but I hope to be visiting on a more regular basis and who knows maybe even post now and again, all the best to you all, Ranger
  16. You would most likely to feel them, as apposed to glimpsing them. ;) :D Talking of compensating factors I as talking to one of our female reception staff today about another member of staff who is, quite frankly not the best at the job he does, her comments were " he couldn't organise a TITS up at a brewery" she was suitably embarrased when it was pointed out to her it should have been a PISS up
  17. Great result, still don't have any time for WS though, I had enough of him first time around, in fact I nearly gave up my season ticket when he came back, only the banter with my mates in the pub before and after stopped me, still not sure I shouldn't have
  18. I haven't used one but Maplin are doing one of these for £99.99
  19. I wa thinking of going with the Virgin package at £30 (TV, phone, 2mb BB) I currently pay Bulldog £30 for phone and unlimited 8mb BB. The advantage was that the TV signal wouldn't have bad interference during bad weather and some extra channels, but the speed of the BB kinda held me back, i'm glad it did, I just read there that if you download over 350mb during peak times your speed is throttled to 1mb for 4 hours. I don't download a lot of torrents etc. and probably on most occasions wouldn't reach the limit but I do look at PC's laptops etc for friend and family, for example I was reformatting laptops yesterday and putting in clean copies of XP, by the time I downloaded updates from Microsoft and various manufacturers and my normal surfing I would have been well over 350mb. Why don't they throttle the ones who are continually abusing the connection (only 5% they claim) as opposed to punishing the other 95% who don't, i'm afraid they have now lost a potential customer.
  20. I remember them, but didn't really listen to a lot if their stuff, the only tune/song I can remember was their single Fanfare for the Common man and the B side Brain salad surgery (if I remember correctly the line went along "Brain salad surgery (if?) it works for you it works for me) don't know why I remember this small snippet
  21. I wanted to join the police, but after meeting a couple of not so friedly officers when I was in my teens it put me off the idea, became a manager in a retail store, got fed up with that and took redundancy when we were bought over by another company, now work as a ops manager in a sports complex
  22. Cheers Nellie,will definitely try to keep some time for WF Gordy, hopefully it will be blue skies on Saturday, although after watching the performance at the weekend at Easter Road, especially the defence, it makes me think they may not be as blue as we hope, but I suppose a Old Firm game is different and if the defence get their act together, who knows. When I went to Celtic Park last OF game i wasn't expecting a result, but we got one, maybe i'm just a pessimistic bugger, anyway heres hoping for blue skies on Saturday and nice royal blue skies next season.
  23. I have to agree with you Nellie, I know I for one have been a lot busier and I have hardly been to WF at all let alone posted anything on the forum (not that I was a prolific poster in the first place) but now and again I popped in for a visit just to see how things were going, also, I think I got a bit "forumed out" with all the different ones I was going to. I am beginning to have a little more time now and have found that I am beginning to post a little on the PCadvisor site and the Rangers supporters site "follow follow" who knows maybe this is the start of me coming back to WF to post, hopefully so as I did use to enjoy quite a lot about this forum
  24. Whether it's man fault or not the Gov't has certainly pounced on it with vigour to tax us more and say it's to help the fight against global warming, it's no wonder they are quite happy to go along with the doom and gloom merchants
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