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  1. Merry Christmas everyone :)
  2. The daft thing blew up over the weekend At least this was before I spent loads on it fortunately :)
  3. I've installed a 40 gig HD today, it's not detected in the bios however :( I've put it in mine and it's fine so the actual drive is ok. Maybe I'm missing something, which is quite likely. I've split it into 2 partitions and that made no difference either. If some kind soul could tell me what the exact procedure is after I've actually put the drive in the PC, I would be oh so grateful
  4. Thanks both of you :) 80 is fine actually, just wasn't sure if it would take one that size. If it will, then I might as well get her the bigger one :)
  5. Hello Pops :) Yes, everything works fine. Nice and clean inside too. in fact, it all looks like new even though it isn't if you know what I mean. Operating system is Windows 98SE CPU is Cyrix Cx6x86MX/MII CPU clock 250mhz Motherboard info - motherboard OEM Luckytech Technology ltd Bios version Award Modular BIOS v4.51PG Chipset vendor VIA technologies Inc Chipset VT82C597/597AT/598MVP/ApolloVP3 I hope that helps a bit :)
  6. Not a problem as such, well not yet anyway , Hubby brought home a PC which my daughter wants. It only had a 4 gig HDD in it so I would like to put in a bigger one, only 40 gig or so. It's not exactly new so am I going to have a problem putting in one of this size? I've tried googling various bits but cant find much. If you need any details just shout :)
  7. I'm still playing Everquest II (an MMO for those that dont know) running a guild there now which takes up a lot of time, fun though :) Glad to see your all still here
  8. I thought I would pop on and say hi, I'm still in the land of the living.....just ;) Hope you are all well
  9. :censored: :0 :angry: :glare: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. :birthday: hope you had a good day :)
  11. :D :D :D Best laugh I've had all day, thanks Andsome :P
  12. Thanks guys :) I've been without an internet connection for a while, haven't been back online very long. :cray: Thanks for the birthday wishes - cant say as I like seeing how old I am plastered over the internet tho :D :D CC x
  13. Ooo very nice - looks great :)
  14. Thank you very much John and the same to you :smile:
  15. Yeerr back :biggrin: Ermmm, I think so - had a few to drink so not sure :laugh: