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  1. expertec

    Familiar faces (well, usernames)

    Not sure exposing old fogies to Sarah McLachlan is a good idea...! 😂 I once had to ring an insurance company to make a claim regarding a mobile phone. I spent an hour and a half on hold, with the song Footloose by Kenny Loggins on repeat. If I even hear a single note of it I break out in a cold sweat. I remember you andsome... I moved house a few months ago, and just found the Mahler CDs you sent me in about 2004 in one of my remaining boxes! That's one of the reasons I remembered the site and logged back in. Ahh, that's why I couldn't reset my password... 😩
  2. I haven't logged into this site in many a long year. Good to see so many of the same people I used to converse with are still active and posting. Hi folks!
  3. expertec

    Inflation on the rise ?

    Shocking state of affairs. Should we start a petition to the government?
  4. Awesome. And I work all the hours god sends, and some more that he didn't, just to scrape a living...
  5. expertec


    It used to come in through the door... hence 'Opportunity Knocks'... ;)
  6. expertec

    Oh the profligacy of the man

    Thanks for the links andsome, some quality stuff there... beautifully smooth to the ear, may even end up buying some of the CDs when I'm back in the UK. :) Based on that... I'd be interested to hear your opinion of Dragonforce's Through the Fire and the Flames, though I'm sure it wouldn't be positive... :lol: (Even you can't deny they have talent on the guitar, though you probably don't like the style ;))
  7. expertec

    Oh the profligacy of the man

    Care to give me some examples? I'm always wanting to enrich my musical experience... :D BTW, do you remember some time ago you sent me 2 Mahler CDs? I have actually listened to them a few times... it's not my regular choice of music, but I certainly do appreciate and enjoy that kind of thing once in a while.
  8. expertec

    Count your blessings.

    DCCCCCCCCCCCCLXXXXVIIII? I'd prefer Alan's CMXCIX or even the modern CXII...
  9. expertec

    How do they arrive at these figures?

    I'm disappointed you've had such poor service andsome... I work for Specsavers and re-glaze patients own frames all the time. Out of interest, where did you go in the end? (Please don't say Vision Express... :D My mum's having the same problem you've had but with them instead of Specsavers)
  10. expertec

    A Near Accident.

    As is driving right up someone's arse... if switching on the rear fogs gets rid of them, I'd say it's fair game... I have used this trick on many occasions (and the touch on the brakes too), I pride myself on being a careful and considerate driver, but if people f*** with me I give as good as I get... (if I can do so without endangering anyone). Like most other drivers I'm sure, I've had this same experience that Alan describes... but it seems to happen to me every time I use the A42... maybe it's just something about that road...
  11. expertec

    Fancy a stroll?

    I'd do that... I thought it was in Chile or something, but it's only Spain... probably go there some time...
  12. expertec

    Bit of a squash

    So people don't shit themselves when they look over the side...?
  13. expertec

    I saw this on The Lakelander's View

    Something worth thinking about though... I'm impressed that Ray Lewis resigned... (or David Davis for that matter... interesting decision on his part.) Makes a refreshing change when you get a politician who's not just desperate to cling onto their position of power. Here's hoping Boris Johnson's administration will be less corrupt than the rest...
  14. expertec

    I saw this on The Lakelander's View

    Clever bastards ain't they... if only these politicians put half their ingenuity towards solving this country's problems instead of finding ways to make themselves rich...
  15. expertec

    'Er Indoors

    Andsome... I was really shocked to see those photos... I'm very sorry she's had to suffer so much, and wish her the best of luck and health in recovery. :)

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