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  1. My God, why is it so hard to just answer my question!? You are wrong about what DSXP is, all of you. All I know is on the windows logon screen (the one after you press ctr-alt-delete twice), where it would normally say Windows XP Professional in the title bar, it instead says Windows DSXP Version 6. Once again though that is not important. I WANT SOME SORT OF SCRIPT TO RUN ON STARTUP THAT WILL ENABLE ALL YM VISUAL EFFECTS! Visual effects as in Controll Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Performance -> Visual Effects. No, it is not a virus! It comes like this freshly installed! Why can no one just give me this script?! If its impossible to change visual effect settings without going to the controll panel then just say so please.
  2. If all I had to do was google it then I wouldn't be here would I? If you go through some of my old posts, you will see that no one no where knows what DSXP is, and that applies to google as well. But I don't need to know what it is, I need to know a way to automatically apply visual effects on startup.
  3. Hi, I've already come to the conclusion that no one will be able to tell me what DSXP is, all I know is that every time i change my visual effects, they go back to classic every reboot. So what I need is a way to automatically turn on all visual effects on boot up. Any ideas?
  4. No, that was one of my first guesses, but it was already running and set to auto.
  5. After googling deskswitch xp, it appears that it was never released. It was supposed to be a multiple desktop tool, but doesn't seem to be related to what I have on my laptop. But what I'm really more interested in at this point is some kind of startup script that could turn on all the effects, as they do come on normally, they just don't stay after a reboot.
  6. Hi, I have previously posted about my laptop from work, to which I have full administrator rights to. The problem is that no matter how I configure the visual settings, they always revert back to the basic windows 98 looking setup on my next boot. i have no startup scripts running and have attempted every registry key toggle I could find that has to do with this. I'm fairly convinced that this has to due with a special verson of XP the system is running, called DSXP Release 6. The only place this is displayed is on the log on screen. Since it is already apparent that no one knows anything about this custom release of XP, I must take another route to solving this, as visual effects are of vital importance to my eyes, who hate windows 98 with a deep rooted passion after growing up with it. My idea is maybe throw in my own startup script that will set the settings nice looking every boot. Is this possible? If so anyone have a script for me?
  7. The IT guys at work are as clueless about this as I am. I am pretty sure this is something requested at a very high level of the company and configured this way from IBM. Possibly as far up as having mocrosoft program this into their version of XP. But there must be some way to get around it, Maybe a script to set the settings how I like them every time the computer boots?
  8. Thank you all very much for clearing this up.
  9. No there is definately a code. If you open up any config file for almost any program in wordpad you'll find it full of this junk. I actually got the segment above this way.
  10. http://www.overclockersclub.com/guides/win..._services_2.php This should help a bit if you want to go ahead and kill some of them.
  11. Ummm windows 98 could be called alot of things, but none of them rhyme with staable. I had 98 when I was 12, killed my confidence. Thought there must have been soemthing wrong with me, but later on found out it was the stupid os.
  12. When I was in elementary school our printer used to sometimes print gibberish looking computer code. I was just wondering if it is actually possible for a person to understand this gibberish. It looks like this. "݇ñÚ52ÌÐÚ<ÙšsŸÇ¸%pj‹f¶ž“.M²7r¨Qô&{9Ø2$û5£" . If it is possible to read this stuff where can I learn how.
  13. Hi, i have a windows xp computer from my work, it is a special version of windows xp UPS dspx version six. I have already posted and no one seems to know what this means. But aside from that, I feel the problem I am having with the theme should be workaroundable. The problem is that during startup, after the login prompt, windows reverts back to the basic classic style regardless of how I previously set it. The theme doesn't revert untill after the login screen. I have made assure that there are no startp or shutdown scripts and no programs at startup. I have full Administrator rights. The only other Idea i have is to try to delete the classic theme which, when viewed under the display properties, is listed as classic (modified). Any ideas?
  14. Umm how about screw both of you. Yes I am 16. No I wasn't hired specifically to build this computer, but me being the most tech savvy guy at my company was selected for the task. I'm sure I could look around and throw together the fastest parts I can find but I'm looking to go over the top, so either help me out or eat my a$$.
  15. Wouldnt fairuse4wm be illegal? the new bearshare has it's own library of content. I'm not sure If it comes through p2p or not but it downloads fast as hell and comes up instantly on searches.
  16. Sorry to burst ur bubbles but not one of these replies demonstrates any knowledge of this DSXP version 6. Is it possible my company had it custom made?
  17. Hi, I just got an ibm laptop from work, and I am unable to get around the security my company setup. I have full admin rights, but I am still unable to change the appearane settings. I can change the wallpaper and the theme settings including visual effects, and it works when I do it. But as soon as I restart the pc all settings go back to basic graphicless windows xp. I have checked to see that there are no startup scripts runnig, and no unecessary programs in msconfig. I have checked every relevant registry key and changing them does nothing. I like to consider myself an experienced xp user. The only difference I can find between this xp and any usual xp is that at the logon screen, instead of just saying windows xp, it says DSXP release 6. Any ideas?
  18. Hi, I have recently been legally downloading protected wma's from bearshare, but when I tried to get them on my ipod I couldn't. (I had never really looked into the topic) So I got to work reading up on possible ways around it. I wanted to keep it legal. I saw a few .exe's that I tried and could not get to work, but then I came across tunebite. You have to pay for the program but I found a serial for it that worked on google. What tunebit does is rerecord the wma's while their being played through wmp11. I then use the rerecorded and put them on my ipod. I tried this and it worked. So what I want to know is if this is legal or not. If not I will probably stop. Thanks
  19. Sorry but theres no fix for a slow computer. Most programs take more than usual time to load if its the first time (like after startup), but after that they will load quickly because they are stored in the ram or cache. Even on my athlon xp300 it takes a good 20 seconds the first time i try to start up mozilla.
  20. Another way to find out is to go into system restore and look at the first restore point created at installation.
  21. I work for a company that has way to much money to spend. I told them that it wasn't necessary for what they wanted to do, but they insisted. They told me to build them 10 computers. They want them to be the fastest money can buy. I have a 100K budget. What do i Build.
  22. Ya just give microsoft a call and tell them you misplaced it. They will send you all the windows disks you want as well as product keys for each. While your at it have them send you a twelve pack, then mail me a few. hehehe.
  23. I have had this problem before. For me, I just let it sit at the loading screen. It will sit there for a good 20-30 minutes but eventually it will get through. Once in You should run antivirus and anti-spyware, defragment, and perform all the other usual fixes.
  24. Without violating forum rules, I would reccomend finding certian bootable programs that can reset this password. You can find directions for this if you search long enough. Forums won't be much help for this one.
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