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  1. Irene

    One for me

    😂 something like that.
  2. Irene

    Here’s one for pops

    I do like this... In fact, I have just realised for the first time in my life, that I thoroughly enjoy the sound of strings. However, I already know that I like the sound of sax and clarinet. My father-in-law was a classically trained musician who played in various orchestra’s - one of which was the RAF. When he was demobbed from the RAF, his interest lay more in the dance band music, which he persued for the rest of his life.
  3. Irene

    One for me

    I must admit, not fully last time. I just tried again, but it was just too ‘heavy’ for me.
  4. Irene

    One for Irene

    I enjoy music and have a wide, not a targeted taste range, so yes thank you. I would have have loved to learn piano, but sadly it was not to be.
  5. Irene

    One for me

    You’re welcome to it. Far too complex for me.
  6. Irene

    Too difficult for me

    I’m not surprised you found it difficult! 😜
  7. Irene

    One for Bella

    I quite agree, Bela.
  8. Irene

    One for Irene

    Very nice, thank you andsome.
  9. RIP Colin..  you will be sadly missed.  

  10. Irene

    One for Gandalph

    Beautiful tribute, Bela. 😔
  11. Irene

    Gandalph - Sad News

    😪 Very sad news... 😔 Thank you Alan for your efforts to contact Colin.
  12. Irene

    What has happened?

    Not guilty, M’lord.
  13. Irene

    Image Posting

    Well done, Alan... I am delighted to hear it. 👍 👏 😉
  14. Irene

    What are you having for dinner today?

    Rib-eye steak with onions, jacket potato and salad.
  15. Irene

    Why the hell not 74

    So I see..

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