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  1. Ahh, lovely baby!
  2. Thanks Boris.
  3. Samba! That brings a few memories back. ...I love dances with rhythm.
  4. This marriage business must be a case of sink or swim!
  5. Happy Birthday, Boris Have a great day!
  6. Oops, not a good idea!
  7. Well, at least you have it working now. Might be worth trying doing a test post from another website, using the original method. It would perhaps establish if it was specific to the Telegraph. P.S. It certain was a respectful act. Gentleman or what?
  8. Scolecophagous ........One who eats worms
  9. What happens if you save it to your desktop then lift it from there? Also, what kind of filename extension is it?
  10. Don't know, Belatucadrus. I'll ask Craig to check it out. When you 'insert other media', do you use the 'from URL' ?
  11. Lethologica The inability to recall a precise word for something... I think I suffer from it!
  12. Calipygean Having well shaped buttocks...
  13. Streatopygic Having a fat behind
  14. Funny Underlined Link