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  1. Happy Birthday, Boris...

    Happy Birthday, Boris! Have a great day.
  2. What are you having for dinner today?

    The menu tonight will be: Venison Lasagne (M&S Gastropub); Side salad and perhaps another 'side' of a few chips.
  3. Anyone want to buy a phone.

    You could try here: https://www.envirofone.com/en-gb/envirophone They purchased a Nokia 6210 from me in 2006 for £9.98.
  4. The queen of Stafford

    I'm still here... I do look in regularly, so don't think you can start misbehaving. There are another couple of medical issues under investigation. I currently seem to spend my life either at the surgery or hospital. For some considerable time I have been experiencing balance problems. When I bend forwards/down or look up, I can feel very light headed when my head returns to normal position. My GP is concerned that I will fall again with serious consequence. He is now committed to finding the cause. My BP is erratic and has occasionally dropped to around 80/50, which is not acceptable. I have now been referred to a Consultant ENT specialist for investigation. The other problem is severe pain in my coccyx bone. This was a concern because I have a condition called MGUS (Monoclonal Gammopathy of Unknown Significance), which is a benign protein in the blood. However, should it become 'active', Multiple Myeloma would be the result. So, pain in the bone could be an indicator. I recently had my usual annual check-up and all was well. Since I have osteoarthritis, it could be that, or simply degenerative age damage. Well, I should think that is a sufficient dip into my gloom and doom. Oh, one more thing... I hate Winter! It's too damned cold!
  5. When I have all of the ingredients, I'll give it a whirl.
  6. What are you having for dinner today?

    Sounds interesting, Alan. I have taken the liberty of including your recipe in the Recipe Thread. HERE
  7. MARSALA PEPPER SAUCE - [AlanHo’s version] Ingredients: ½ Red Pepper ½ Green Pepper 1 Medium Onion 180 g Tub Philadelphia Cream Cheese 150 ml Double Cream 60 ml Port 60 ml Marsala Wine 40 ml Cointreau 30 ml Sunflower Oil Method: 1. Finely chop onion into small cubes – fry in pan with sunflower oil until tender. 2. Finely chop both pepper halves into small cubes – add to the onions and simmer until just al-dente. 3. Add Philadelphia cheese and slowly melt over a low heat. Add port, masala and Cointreau, then stir thoroughly – do not let it boil. 4. Now add cream slowly and stir vigorously to prevent it curdling. This can be frozen into serving portions. Note: When defrosting this sauce, let it melt naturally to room temperature – pour into a pan on a low heat and stir continually whilst it comes up to just before boiling. Do not boil – the cream will curdle.
  8. What are you having for dinner today?

    Pan-fried Aberdeen Angus Ribeye Steak, with caramelised onion; Choice of Jacket Potato or Actifry Chips (mine will be jacket); Petit Pois; and/or home-made Red Cabbage.
  9. We're buying a replacement oven...

    I would never charge to a credit card if I didn't know for certain that I could clear the end of the month balance in full. I use them for convenience not as a loan source. You're right andsome, the interest rates are outrageous!
  10. What are you having for dinner today?

    I like Ox Tongue. Very tasty. The flavour takes me back to my childhood.
  11. We're buying a replacement oven...

    I suppose that in my retirement, cooking has become a hobby. So, since we can't take 'it' with us when we go, I thought I would indulge myself with this little treat.
  12. What are you having for dinner today?

    Usual Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas, but with the addition of some fresh Cods Roe which I have already boiled in preparation. The roe has a very limited season, so I purchase a good quantity from our favourite fish shop, then boil and freeze in portions.
  13. We're buying a replacement oven...

    Wise decision by your Mum. My emerging 'plan' yesterday of replacing both ovens with those which have slide & hide doors, was dashed because the smaller multifunction one which includes a microwave is not produced with the S&H door. Presumably for safety reasons. THIS is the one which I would like.
  14. We're buying a replacement oven...

    Not yet... I'm still trying to decide on the best configuration - maybe will replace both ovens with updated models (including 'vario steam' element in the large one). Assuming that both will have the Neff 'slide and hide' door, they can fit into the same configuration. Hence no alteration required to the casing. Our son and DIL have one of the ovens with the vario-steam option. They think it's terrific!
  15. What are you having for dinner today?

    I bought a couple of Sirloin Steaks from Aldi yesterday, so they will be the basis of dinner this evening. To accompany: 'Spiced Apple-Braised Red Cabbage' and 'Jacket Potato'.

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