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  1. I am a Newbie and i am tiyoing to learn so please bear with me . I continue to hear from older computer guys and also at an interveiw that Windows 98 is a solid OS. When in school and in my text books. Windows 98 is consittered t s stale as WIdows 2000/XP. The Reason is that Windows 98 is backward Compatible (16-Bit 32-bit) and 2K/XP are complete 32-bit. Windows 98 loads DOS 16-bit drivers then goes into Windows 98 (DOS core). Windows 2k/XP start off with a 32-bit program called NTldr (eliminated the DOS core) My question is. 98 being backward compatible makes it unstable ? With 98 having vmachines I would think that would make it stable.
  2. How or where can i veiw/edit programs the start when windows statrs? I understand how the start-up folder works but i dont want to use that i noticed i have programs and services that start-up but are not found in the "Start-up". For example win.ini has a list of the 16-bit apps that fun in win 98. I am looking for the " Win.ini " for Windows 2000 (for 32-bit apps). P.S. I dont wantto use Msconfig I understand you can put it on a Windows 2000 machine. Can anyone help me. Thanks for your time
  3. I have a XP disc but this is not my PC its a relatives I was just trying to help. Is it possible to Back-up so that all Applications or programs show up in "Programs" under the Start Buttom. I want to Back-up their system so when they click on a Short-cut on the Desktop they can access that program like before.
  4. Hey guys im new the this forum. I do have a little experience with PC's so if you guys can tell me what to do i may be able to fix it. I have a eMachine here with Windows XP. The Power Supply and Mobo went out so i replaced them instead of the Intel mobo i should a different brand (PC CHips). Aftering installing the Mobo and PSU I pressed the booted up and I am not able to access anything (No Normal ode, No Safe Mode and No recovery Console) I understand Windows NT/2000/XP has HAL.dll but isnt there away around that?
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