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  1. Not sure what your network's like, but I've seen WSUS Mentioned Personally I use ControlTier, which works over a variety of Operating Systems (cross-platform, open-source & cross-web-server)
  2. Unfortunately that didn't work. Did I mentioned that the device gets very hot when inputted?
  3. There are tools which count the number of users, however you'd probably need to setup a daemon, to 'sleep' the computer when there are no users logged into the Server. Also, look into command-line packet-crafters, create a batch program or script which can execute the magic packet, ending with the launch of a .RDP file or mstsc with variables.
  4. If you want to start with a GUI, I'd recommend a different language to learn first. Perhaps Java, using something such as: BlueJ
  5. Are we talking about tools for mobile phones here? If not, then AdBlock Plus for Firefox removes advertisements as well as the box it would've been contained in.
  6. I'd recommend using the automated phone system, sometimes you'll get away with it.
  7. Hello About a week ago my 2GB SanDisk micro Cruzer died. Funeral services will be held at the national hub for ... LOL But seriously, the device is no longer detected by any of the computers I or my family own (Linux, Mac, Windows, FreeBSD, Solaris, OpenSolaris, 32 bit & 64 bit versions of all the previously mentioned Operating Systems, as well as tests on Laptops) Is there anything you'd suggest to delay the procession? There is some very important data on the USB, however it is re-creatable, given enough time. Please recommend a method to recover the data and enable the device to start working again (USB no longer lights up) Thanks in advance, Panarchy
  8. Why is 5GB too large for Virtual PC? Try the virtualisation Hypervisor & frontend included with Server 2008 (trial, if time, value of data & skillset permit)
  9. Just to update you all, MinTTy is now my Shell of Choice.
  10. Yeah, I changed that directory. Yet it still appears on the desktop! It seems to be working the same way as if I'd set it that way in Environmental Variables...
  11. It seems that the Downloads folder under my profile name redirects to the Desktop. Very clear when downloading torrents or using DownThemAll! Please help me fix this. Thanks in advance, Panarchy
  12. Hi Really getting on my nerves now. My 'Downloads' folder keeps appearing on my desktop :S Can I redirect it back to under my profile folder, if yes, how? I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit. I've checked the environmental variables (sysdm.cpl), but was unable to notice any discrepancies to the default install. Please tell me how to fix this! Thanks in advance, Panarchy
  13. I've done a lot of research, but have still not been able to find a viable alternative to NTbackup. If you are aware of any other free backup tools for the Windows OS, which support Shadow Volume Copy, I'd appreciate the knowledge. Thanks in advance, Panarchy
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