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  1. I have both OS, windows and linux too. The good part is it works on windows. :) The sad part is most of the add-on not available for linux. :( I hope in near future linux users will be able to enjoy them as well. :)
  2. My vote goes to FireFox. Of course there are many good reasons.
  3. I'm glad, you got what you were looking for :) I have found this blog post helpful to get more information on winkey functions. You might want to have a look at Winkey shortcuts, to get full benefits of winkey on your keyboard.
  4. Hey, just try this. win key [windows key] + L It will not log out, but it will lock your desktop keeping all the applications as it is. I assume yours is XP. In windows 2000 you'll have to use ctrl+alt+del and select lock. Let me know if this is what you want :)
  5. So bad. I doubt your driving though. How is it? ;)
  6. This command resets the Winsock catalog to the default configuration. This can be useful if a malformed LSP is installed that results in loss of network connectivity. While use of this command can restore network connectivity, it should be used with care because any previously-installed LSPs will need to be re-installed. This means Antivirus software, firewalls, VPN clients etc
  7. Just downloading CDS, will like to give a try and see the results. Thanks
  8. I think zipcentral has more features, am trying it right now. Let me see the results from it first. Let me see if it allows me to go to 7-zip. ;) Thanks anyway...
  9. What kind of games are you trying? If we can know... what graphic card/software have you installed? Just saw it's nvidia, have you tried settings in nvidia...? [try setting it to default]
  10. That's a great use of a space! It might be ok with the hosting space. But I think it's not with the space without privacy. You will not be able to keep any confidentiality or security of it, will be good for general use. If it's a matter of just 1GB then why not to use pen drive, easier than anything, but you will not be able to share remotely.
  11. It might be done with A520 but I guess not with A85. It would be a better option to go with a actual webcam. They are cheap nowadays.
  12. Hello... To do this, simply follow these instructions. 1. Boot from your XP installation CD. 2. At the welcome screen, choose enter. 3. Once at the license agreement, press F8. 4. At the next screen, choose to repair the selected Windows XP installation by pressing R. 5. The files will begin to install and then your PC will reboot. During the reboot you will be presented with option of booting from the CD again by pressing any key. Don't press anything. Allow it to finish the install without booting from the CD again. ATB
  13. I can understand, why you are not comfortable with reinstallation. I am thinking about, without the support of Keyboard and Mouse how will you resolve this issue? But a REPAIR Install will replace the system files with the files on the XP CD used for the Repair Install. It will leave your applications and settings intact, but Windows updates will need to be reapplied. A Repair Install will replace files altered by adware and malware, but will not fix an adware, malware problem. Do you want to try this option?
  14. For the past 2 years I have been using XP + SP2 never had any issue with SP2. And I do back pops for the vulnerablity of XP without SP2. As a tinker you might want to give a try using SP2 over the fresh installation of XP. ATB
  15. Hello Angel, Welcome to the Windows Forum! Yes that could be one of the way to backup and restore the registry. Could you please provide detail information about your system, keyboard and mouse? And do you have a administrator access [i guess you have]? Thanks.
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