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Gone, But Not Forgotten
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    Retired 10 years now and loving it. Did The Great North Run - Half Marathon - 4 years on the Trot but gave up in '2007 because of old age. Hobies are being bone idle; obeying the bosses instructions when caught; surfin & lurkin; playing with G'children but not on the floor -it's too lowdown these days.

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  1. I'm Doug's eldest granddaughter and I'm posting here to let people know that he passed away this Tuesday from a heartache while driving. We knew he was active on the Forum for a long time and felt it was important to track down his profile and let people know what's happened.

  2. You'll now have all the old fogies trying to sign up to her practice. Your Avatar shows very white pearlies, presumably you've been back frequently!
  3. doug

    Famous Name Game

    Bitzer Maloney All Skinny and Boney
  4. doug

    Famous Name Game

    (Old) Mother Hubbard
  5. doug

    Famous Name Game

    Hairy McClarey (from Donaldson's dairy) been waiting to do that!
  6. Never respond to anything regarding your bank unless requested by letter.
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