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  1. When my last Windows PC went belly up I purchased a cheap PC without an OS and put Linux Mint on it. Mint is designed to be familiar to Windows users. This setup was only ever going to be temporary until I got together the funds to go Windows again. many many years down the line and I'm still using it. There is a learning curve but it isn't too steep and adding peripherals while not as easy as Windows is no longer a pain in the posterior. It depends what software you want to run, the download comes with Browsers, Media players, Office suite and pretty much everything you'll need. There's also loads of Linux programs and games that are available free via the built in Software manager. You can if you wish run Windows programs using the Wine Emulator but I've never found it entirely faultless and some programs don't much like it. Point being if you're a gamer or using some specifically windows programs then Linux isn't perfect but if you want the PC for Browsing, Document creation media playing etc it does pretty much everything you want. My suggestion would be to try a copy running it from a USB stick it'll let you have a rummage through Linux without changing your existing setup as well as confirming that your system can handle the latest version. If you decide to load Linux remember you'll need a cabled internet connection during install so it can pick up drivers for Wi-Fi and any other connected hardware.
  2. Another month passes and I take the opportunity to wish you a happy new year.
  3. Just in the off chance that any of the old gang should: A. Be still breathing B. Come over all nostalgic at this festive time of year and wonder if there's any signs of life here. I offer festive wishes for health and good cheer and just to prove that I'm still a degenerate reprobate some entirely inappropriate smut.
  4. True, got the CD somewhere, though it is collecting dust and hasn't been up to speed in a player for years. Too true, modern elevator musak, generic stuff that could be from any one of a dozen indistinguishable modern popstrels, male or female. In one ear out the other without registering as it passed through.
  5. Nik Kershaw ? and you were doing so well up to that point. As for Nick Drake, nice but of the Drake siblings I'd rather watch his sister.
  6. Time for the monthly non spam post, this time I combine Nice with Rocky and a lady I had the pleasure of seeing at the NEC, more years ago than either I or she would care to contemplate. Though it must be said she wears them way better than I do.
  7. I've tried nice stuff, with limited success so here's something lound N narsty !
  8. Happens to me with Chrome and I haven't pinned it down yet, though it looks as if something is running a background cookie sweep.
  9. Just got back from the carvery, no foil but the food bag's got enough beef for two days sandwiches and mums cheesecake is in a convenient plastic box. Waste not want not
  10. Another feeble attempt to provide CPR to this forum.
  11. I also note AlanHo & andsome have stuck their nose through the door, greetings one and all.
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