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  1. Belatucadrus

    My attachments query

    How does one clear attachment pictures out of the My Attachment file ?
  2. Belatucadrus

    Who broke it again?

  3. Belatucadrus

    The new world order 64

    Apparently not, GWBs main problem was that he was a very poor public speaker, unlike our own TCLBleugh who could talk the hind legs off a donkey. Those in the know reckon George Walker Bush was in fact one of the more intelligent Presidents. Make of that what you will. The current incumbent is not however perceived as a moron because of his words ( though to be honest it doesn't help ). He is recognised as a genuine moron by his deeds.
  4. You ride it to the shops, fill it with shopping then ride ! Oh bugger maybe the idea needs refining.
  5. No I have no idea what he was trying to achieve either.
  6. Belatucadrus

    HP Laserjet 4500 Printer Drivers

    This post four years old HP have changed their website and we generally don't bother to scan decades of obsolete posts to update dead links.
  7. Belatucadrus

    TUTORIAL: All About Resource Hacker in a Brief Tutorial

    Vishal Gupta the original poster hasn't been on this forum since 2011, try directing your queries to his Twitter account or at askvg.com. I don't think Resource Hacker got picked up by Windowsforum users so we'd be hard pressed to offer a considered opinion on what it's capable of.
  8. Belatucadrus

    Windows Photo Viewer

    Too slow for what ? It may be that you're looking at large multi Mb images which can be a bit of a load, if it's an issue check out some of the competitors. Click Here
  9. Belatucadrus

    Question for EPSON printer users

    Not on printer cartridges as I'm not sure all of them use water soluble ink. I use spirit based cleaners like spectacle wipes, though modern printers seem less problematic than those that were around ten years or so ago.
  10. But as the issue was resolved two years ago, I'm not entirely sure it's relevant any longer. Thanks for trying though.
  11. True but they look to me like flats, so will have utility pipes anyway so it may not be any riskier than usual. When my parents had a flat in Poole one of their neighbours had a leak in the central heating, fixing it required lifting much of the flooring and after it was repaired they had to run dehumidifiers to dry the place out for weeks. Problem with that theory is that the windows appear to be French ones, which makes the balcony rails only usable as rather dangerous laundry racks.

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