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  1. What are you having for dinner today?

    Chicken Provencal, mash, tenderstem broccoli & carrots
  2. Write A Ten Word Story

    Sorry about confusion, that was Bob Pope county sanitation engineer
  3. Unexpected automotive benefit

    A few months ago after a service the Honda garage told mum her cars air-conditioning needed recharging, we were in no rush so left it a bit before deciding to proceed. Not surprisingly the air con was revived, cooling was much faster and more effective but over the past few tank refills we've also noted a significant increase in range. With hindsite this shouldn't be surprising as I know the air-con unit puts a heavy load on the engine burning fuel, so if the coolant escapes or degrades the pump is going to be working that much harder burning more fuel to achieve less. It wasn't however anything I'd really thought about and I didn't expect there to be an obvious improvement in mpg. Now as I wasn't monitoring consumption before and after I have no stats to give so this is only "As it seems to me" rather than scientific fact. But if you have an old car with air conditioning it may well be worth having it checked out.
  4. Write A Ten Word Story

    Pope sent me an e-mail, he offered me his job.
  5. What are you having for dinner today?

    Smoked gammon steaks with home made apple sauce, mash & green stuff (broad beans)
  6. Write A Ten Word Story

    Mothers stroke outpatient rescheduled, snow rendered paths unsafe, risk unreasonable.
  7. Childhood Reminiscences

    There are times when I realise I can be very slow on the uptake, take for example the thread title, it's taken me three days to notice. If you have no idea what I'm on about, don't worry it's not there any longer.
  8. Childhood Reminiscences

    I bet all this snow brings back memories for the older forum member of their youth hunting mammoths and woolly rhinos, running fleet footed across the snowy plain flint tipped spear in hand . The good old days before this processed food crept in.
  9. Write A Ten Word Story

    Tiny squirrel raps on window, well trained human feeds it.
  10. There is no hope for the human race ?

    Mankind has yet to find a cure for congenital idiocy, all one can realistically hope for is that he gets an entry in the Darwin awards before he breeds.
  11. Drinkaware

    Well I'll forgive the Chinese version as Engrish is vely dificurt ranguage. M & S however did they not have even one member on the roster who wasn't a complete tulip ? Or maybe that's what caused the "technical fault" sounds better than Dels bladder let go and he shorted out the drinks machine again.
  12. Write A Ten Word Story

    Jamie Oliver gets cliché disorder, dies of cockney rhyming slang.
  13. There is no hope for the human race ?

    I'd have wanted cash up front before taking a pick axe to the microwave.
  14. Childhood Reminiscences

    Also at Christmas the older generation would come over all cosmopolitan and buy a box of assorted small foil wrapped foreign cheese wedges from the nether regions of Yurup, needless to say these only ever surfaced in December largely as nobody particularly liked them. They would however appear at the same time next year as it was the done thing.
  15. Write A Ten Word Story

    I note "it's" became "it is" rather suddenly