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  1. Belatucadrus

    What is keyword stemming?

    Though he has been known to devour cats while mumbling "Fee fi fo fum". Normally associated with giants but up in Burntwood they aren't prejudiced that way, nor do they spend days on end agonising about cultural appropriation.
  2. Belatucadrus

    What are you having for dinner today?

    Today we will be eating Ostrich steaks, probably with chunky chips and kalettes. Went with M&S Rosti and green beans instead
  3. Belatucadrus

    Two nuns go to Las Vegas

    One day Sister Mary Margaret and Sister Lana went to Las Vegas "Lets try one of the slot machines" said sister Mary Margaret. "Oh Lord we couldn't it would be a sin" said sister Lana. " Think of it as research into the ways of the devil, so we can better resist him" said Mary Margaret. "Well if you put it like that we should try it out for the greater good and to further Gods work in this sinful world" agreed sister Lana. After ten years and $500,000 of church funds the unauthorised research project has ended. Click Here Ghostly guffaws can be heard emanating from the ground near Dave Allens grave.
  4. Belatucadrus

    What are you having for dinner today?

    AKA Housing sauce because of its remarkable properties as a wood preservative, super for making cheap pine doors look like mahogany. Also turns them into a light snack if you get peckish as you can give them a lick. PS please note don't confuse it with creosote as licking anything painted with creosote is more than a bit yucky. It also doesn't do anything for duck if poured on it.
  5. Belatucadrus

    Here’s one for pops

    Not him, some talentless Brazilian by the name of Wagner Carrilho.
  6. Belatucadrus

    Here’s one for pops

    What Wagner is doing now.
  7. Belatucadrus

    One for Bella

    Now that's more like it.
  8. Belatucadrus

    One for Bella

    They spelt the title wrong "Glourious", It's spelt Glue, not Glou. I also think whoever translated the lyrics must have used Google translate. I can listen to Mahler, I just can't muster any real enthusiasm, If in a quandary about which CD to add to my collection next I fear Gustav is going to lose out to pretty much everybody. As always my view on music is whatever floats your boat if that's your thing brilliant enjoy it.
  9. Belatucadrus

    One for Gandalph

  10. Belatucadrus

    My attachments query

    How does one clear attachment pictures out of the My Attachment file ?
  11. Belatucadrus

    Who broke it again?

  12. Belatucadrus

    The new world order 64

    Apparently not, GWBs main problem was that he was a very poor public speaker, unlike our own TCLBleugh who could talk the hind legs off a donkey. Those in the know reckon George Walker Bush was in fact one of the more intelligent Presidents. Make of that what you will. The current incumbent is not however perceived as a moron because of his words ( though to be honest it doesn't help ). He is recognised as a genuine moron by his deeds.

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