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  1. Back in the day I had a mate with extremely understanding parents and an enormous LP collection who could be relied upon to produce somewhat illegal copies when provided with a blank cassette, he certainly did me an Ash tape but I can't remember what was on it. As to spending my own cash I remember buying Twin Barrels Burning.
  2. One from the archives that would have been guaranteed to send the Burntwood contingent into a right tizzy. A band I saw at the The Lyceum Sheffield more years ago than I care to recollect. The main thing I remember was that their sound guy had clearly overestimated the size of the venue and the gig was painfully loud even for a seasoned rocker, people were stuffing there hair in the ears trying to tone it down.
  3. A day or so late but I doubt anybody noticed or cared overmuch, here goes with the September donation to the anti tedium fund. Hiryu High School Wadaiko Club-The 2nd National High School Taiko Koshien Grand Prize Mt. Fuji Taiko Festival
  4. And with a fizzle not a bang it ends, I did rejoin to say a few farewells but in common with all users we've been anonymized and I am now officially " Anon-2462831 ". I did post a link here but as we've not had any new accounts set up since Barbican 75 in April and he/she has proven a person of few words, it looks as if we've not pulled in any new blood.
  5. Perhaps you should drop them a link and invite them over here ? Neither forum exactly prospering but unless Craig decides to pull the plug we do at least have a viable platform that forum users could migrate to. Just a thought.
  6. Looks as If I jumped ship just in time as Techadvisor forum has just announced it's closing up shop on 2nd September. Can't say I'm surprised, after the last redesign of the website the forums vanished from the main toolbar and were consigned to the bottom of a dropdown menu on the "More" tab. Hardly the best spot if you actually have any interest in people finding and using it. This design faux pas was pointed out by several users including yours truly but was never corrected, which rather confirmed that the powers that be had lost interest and wanted an excuse to bury it.
  7. Not bad all things considered particularly for ninety two, still fully compos mentis. We go out shopping every week but have yet to resume the weekly dining out at a hostelry of her choice. We talk about it but I think she's still a bit wary of the covid situation so it keeps getting put off. We will have another think on it next week. You ?
  8. So you live in the real world, that explains a lot. Me I'm unsure, I think I may be fictional or perhaps a figment of your imagination. In which case may I suggest that you need a rest as coming up with something like me is a clear sign of a deranged mind.
  9. Depends on the Internet speed at your end, but some reports suggest the download is 4GB so it could take a while. There are also suggestions that the development path for 2004 has been far from smooth with a handy supply of bugs, many seem to have taken quite some time to fix. So unless you really want the security update it seems best practise to leave it as long as possible and have other users debug it for you and let Microsoft iron out the nasties before you bite the bullet. https://www.computerworld.com/article/3561635/bumps-on-the-road-to-the-win10-version-2004-rollout.html#:
  10. Not sure I understand that as the clip was definitely there when originally posted, I could see it. I have successfully inserted an alternative which I'm sure the absentee contingent would enjoy were they not frequenting the optimistically titled Overfifties.
  11. Looked at it with various browsers on Linux and Windows and so far can't insert the youtube code successfully. I'll take another shot next month before applying my life motto;-
  12. Not on my Linux machine it doesn't All I can see in your post is a text box showing the url, must unlimber the Windows machine see if it looks different. As the first clip went AWOL try this.
  13. Well that answers that one, No it doesn't work. Rats. Try this link
  14. This time I avoid foisting my idiosyncratic music tastes on you poor masochists, so I've unearthed a comedy classic from back in the day. <iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/LbL7B5cas0s" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> I note there seems to be a change in the way this forum handles embed codes, let's hope it works.
  15. Yup, I was walking down the steps from the front door when I spotted something green disappearing under the garage door. quick root around in a pile of bottles and an odds and sods box and there it was. Our next door neighbours just had their somewhat unruly field mowed and I suspect it was evading the tractor. I gently steered him/her out and onto the front lawn where it vanished pretty quickly.
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