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  1. Professor Stephen Hawking

    Not for them to clone one of our finest and most prescient writers. Asimov was one of theirs so they can try to replicate him if they want.
  2. Professor Stephen Hawking

    Seems entirely possible to me, I mean what other country in the world has a set of identical Astrophysics geniuses with motor neurone disease. England ! There's something the yanks haven't managed, dozy buggers haven't even cloned Carl Sagan yet.
  3. Question for lady forum members

    She looks in on occasion, last had a peek April 2nd. Just hasn't posted anything since last December and it's not just the girls. The blokes you guys pulled in from Murgs seem to have vanished off the face of the earth. If my ornithologicaly themed "art" posts aren't helping, my apologies but their sending us to Coventry predates my gratuitous smut by some months.
  4. What are you having for dinner today?

    Mums 90th birthday today so we went out to the Granary hotel not the cheapest place around but nice food, table service & proper table linen makes it just a bit special.
  5. Why have you all gone so quiet ? We know you look in on occasion but you seem to have gone into stealth mode. If we've offended you, please let us know how and while I can make no promises for future behaviour at least when we're being obnoxious in the future we'll know about it.
  6. Parus minor 2

    Parus minor = Japanese tit 2 = twice one Picture is two fans of the Brave Blossoms the Japanese national rugby team in body paint not textile shirts ergo two Japanese tits. So play on words, present. People in paint, present. Thematically consistent. QED
  7. Cute Owl picture

    Contrary to legend Owls are not wise, apparently all the wiring in the skull is optimised for prey detection at night. Their ability to find and locate precisely mice etc by sight and sound is second to none. Unfortunately this leaves very little capacity for thought. So in an avian IQ test crows rule.
  8. Yet another cow picture

    Weird , it was there a few moments ago, I'll find another link.
  9. Parus major

    I'm guessing that the only people fooled by the somewhat simplistic artwork are the incredibly short sighted and the almost terminally dim.
  10. Parus minor

    A question that could be asked of all interpretive dance. If there's a good easily comprehensible answer that could be fitted in a single sentence I'm willing to listen. I suppose the best answer to Why ?? has to be Why not ? If some attractive young femme offered to do a dance for me wearing only a thong and gold body paint I have a sneaky suspicion I'd take her up on it but as I have intimated in the past I am an irredeemable pervert of the finest kind. Conversely if a bloke made the same offer I'd run a mile.

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