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  1. Linux Mint also designed to be user friendly for people who use Windows. I've used it for years.
  2. Not aware it causes any security problems and if it's on a static page it isn't going to have any effect on band usage. If it's a live update page it'll use up some data but if you're on unlimited who cares. With most modern PCs a browser isn't going to make a huge hit on RAM or CPU. If you're using antique hardware however it may be worth shutting down, depends how much you're doing simultaneously and what the PC resources are.
  3. Just as I find and like Mypal the developer gets in a rights bunfight with the people from Pale Moon the browser it was developed from and the future of the whole project becomes murky. It's either dead in the water or about to start afresh. Only time will tell.
  4. I caught him in 81 at Monsters of Rock 2 with Whitesnake before he left and they went all hair-metal.
  5. A bit late this month but I think Boris will like it.
  6. Ancient post but I'll chuck this in the mix for anybody still using Windows XP. Most of the mainstream browsers have abandoned this archaic but still well used OS and Google helpfully says Fortunately not true, check out Mypal
  7. Probably a shell from a WW1 vintage 6lb Hotchkiss cannon, these were definitely installed at Holt Fleet and Stourport bridges as the emplacements are still there. The only odd thing is that Mum who lived in Bewdley at the time doesn't remember any canon embrasures being built in Bewdley, so my comments on it being washed there may be correct. https://victoriancollections.net.au/items/5d801fc821ea671650e9d7ee
  8. Not a bomb as such, clearly an artillery shell of some description. How it got there is anybody's guess, could have been carried there by the accumulated flood water of decades.
  9. Yesterday after a morning shop we decided to drive back through Bewdley, on the way we were passed by a couple of Police cars with full blues and twos and arrived at Bewdley just in time for the road to be cordoned off and to be channelled off towards Stourport. Some online research found reports of an Incident that then refined into the discovery of "Explosive" local news used heavy quotes implying it was rubbish and that some crazy old bat had found a rusty bean tin. This link takes you to a clip of what happened when the Bomb squad detonated the "bean tin" Click here Somewhat disconcerting to think how many times we'd driven over a WW2 UXB. As of this moment neither the local BBC nor ITV have noticed, being far more interested in an escaped peacock in Brum.
  10. Welcome to the ghost forum, so called because you will require a Ouija board to contact much of the membership of this once great forum. It is however still moderated and those of us that lurk here are moderately friendly. Think of it as a blank slate to make of what you will. The more the merrier.
  11. I'm overwhelmed, it seems I've been given a badge by the forum, it seems I'm a one year newbie ! Who knew it somehow seems longer. Then they do say time is an illusion, maybe I imagined it all. Which would make andsome a figment of my imagination a thought that is somehow worrying in the extreme. Try this
  12. I wish, the only animation I ever created was a rather naff bit of Flash for the multimedia section on my HND computing many moons ago. I simply don't have the patience for it. I could probably ride a horse into a tree though.
  13. Another month another clip, yet again I avoid the music threads that only I apparently like.
  14. Back in the day this would have inevitably prompted andsome to tell us Internet Explorer was the finest browser ever created and that all others were second rate wannabees, ho hum.
  15. Having seen that there's a new version of Vivaldi I reloaded it to the Linux machine and the new version works fine. Comes with built in AdBlocker and AntiTrack so in theory you don't need additional extensions, I have yet to test the effectiveness of these but will give them a bash. I went for the bare bones install so haven't bothered with the mail and other optional features. It does seem to mangle some webpage formats, so at the moment I don't feel like making it the default browser. Other possible alternatives : Waterfox CCleaner Browser probably the same as Avast! You've no doubt seen the popup as CCleaner tries to foist it on you during updates. I used to be a real Avast! fan but in recent years their tendency to bundle software and the somewhat hysterically phrased popups trying to nag you into paying up for the full version made them a bit scareware and I ditched it. They also got in trouble a while back for selling off users private browsing data so how much you would trust either is open to question. Comodo do Dragon & IceDragon . Neither of which have I tried.
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