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  1. As a long time fan of the Ghostery browser extension I was interested to note they'd been purchased by a German company called Cliqz for incorporation into their Firefox derived browser, a product in part owned by Mozilla. The browser is apparently designed to comply with tight German privacy legislation and as a result doesn't make note of your browsing or search history and doesn't pass it on to third parties. Cliqz Browser Having tested it out it seems quite quick if a little spartan looking, in order to maintain its security level it doesn't support any third party plug ins or extensions, but does come with an integrated ad blocker which you will need to turn on if you want it and Ghostery. The Ad Blocker is a beta and doesn't seem to allow any user customisation but works OK out of the box. As with most current browsers it also has the ability to open links in Incognito or as they say New Forget window. If you like the idea of a fast bare bones browser with enhanced security it's well worth a look, if your browser toolbar is stuffed to the gunnels with Extension control buttons less so. I quite like it.
  2. How many times do I have to tell you I'm not a ruddy cow I'm a Panda !!
  3. When the Ankole Cow wants to walk through your garden, don't argue the point. And no it isn't photo-shopped, they really do look like that.
  4. No wonder nobody got the point, you'd nicked it !
  5. Yes ladies the bigger the bosom the better the discount. Click here Wonder if Heston will try it at the Fat Duck ?
  6. OK so technically it's a Cowfish, I just felt that variety was the spice of life and there's only so much you can achieve with cow photos.
  7. Groan all you want
  8. Oh Mooger
  9. Proof that andsome may have had a point, remove the fluffy element and reveal the true cat, pure malevolence.
  10. OK so I lied, deal with it
  11. Fat