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  1. Once again the 13th of the month rolls around and I'll drop off my latest in memoriam post. Enjoy. Or maybe not, such is life.
  2. All hunky dory here, I put Mum under lockdown a good week before Boris got his act together. Although she's not on any official high risk register I decided that at 91 and having had a mini stroke a couple of years ago I wasn't taking any chances. We're slowly easing off and as she was going stir crazy and needed the exercise she now gets a weekly walk around a shopping emporium of whatever type takes her fancy but we're all wearing trendy masks cleaning the shopping trolley and dousing ourselves with copious dollops of disinfectant hand gel when we get back to the car. This is Mums, funky init ? Mine's a bit less girly, they're not surgical standard but as they're mainly to stop asymptomatic spreaders coughing and sneezing the lurgee all over the shop, should be OK. Sorry to hear about your health issues, you take care. Leave the experimentation with the afterlife to Gandalph, Doug and Pat.
  3. System duplicated my post, probably a stuck relay in the switchboard or maybe rust on the connections .
  4. Hey ho it's that time of month again so try this.
  5. Behold Amabie a Japanese Yokai whose image has miraculous powers to cure contagion. Very popular in the nineteenth century, Amabie has made a big comeback in the modern pandemic, so in order to provide assistance in today's chaos I provide your very own anti viral monster picture. Now I'll handily admit it may not be that helpful and I'm not aware of any reputable clinical trials. It is however guaranteed to be less harmful to you than following Donald Trumps advice and drinking disinfectant.
  6. It's an odd look but Maria Franz can carry it off.
  7. Let's forget the heavyish rock which is my comfort zone and get weird in a big way. Very Mahler. NOT. Hang in there, it will get back to what we perceive as normal eventually.
  8. For those not in the know, Ron is the dynamic one with all the funky moves on keyboard.
  9. It's that time of month again, time for that bit of ephemeral stuff that the ever conscientious admins can peruse while de-spamming the old cadaver.
  10. The site used to offer some admin functions so that a poster could close a thread of their own creation. Somewhere over time and forum updates the feature went AWOL. I think you've done all you can with the current setup. I wouldn't worry about it, its not as if anybody's left to notice, everybody else has sodded off either to join the bleedin' choir invisible or some other forum.
  11. RAM requirements depend on what programs you will be running, have a look on their web pages and check out the RAM requirements of each. Total up the figures for whatever you're likely to run simultaneously and that'll give you the bare minimum.
  12. Rude word advisory.
  13. No problems here either, both running fine and both have just installed updates.
  14. Reading, I did try to write one once but after a couple of chapters concluded it was crap and it sort of fizzled out.
  15. In the current situation it's a total irrelevance covid-19 and an elderly mother means we went into a near lock-down state a week before everybody else, there's way more important stuff to consider. I suppose I was surprised and maybe my ego took a hit as having been rendered a non person nobody seems to have noticed or cared. Makes you realise how utterly meaningless all the "friends" people have on social media are. Not that I Facebook or anything never seen the attraction. Ho hum back to the book.
  16. Up to this week I've been a PC/Tech Adviser forum member of long standing until recently I posted something FE didn't like much so rather than get in a bunfight over something we weren't going to agree on I closed my account. For a couple of days my posts sat on the system identified as "Deleted" if you clicked on this it said I'd been a naughty boy and had been banned. No I wasn't I quit, then today I note that everything I'd ever posted over god knows how many years of trying to be helpful has been redacted. I've been wiped off the files completely so nice to know how your contributions are appreciated.
  17. While Covid-19 is crimping the family lifestyle a bit we continue to function and hope all the forum mods are bearing up.
  18. I'm stunned, how can anybody not love a Finnish metal band dressed as Dinosaurs ? Truly universal I'd have thought.
  19. Well here we are again, time for my monthly contribution to the mausoleum perpetuation fund. Call me the Windowsforum Necromancer.
  20. When my last Windows PC went belly up I purchased a cheap PC without an OS and put Linux Mint on it. Mint is designed to be familiar to Windows users. This setup was only ever going to be temporary until I got together the funds to go Windows again. many many years down the line and I'm still using it. There is a learning curve but it isn't too steep and adding peripherals while not as easy as Windows is no longer a pain in the posterior. It depends what software you want to run, the download comes with Browsers, Media players, Office suite and pretty much everything you'll need. There's also loads of Linux programs and games that are available free via the built in Software manager. You can if you wish run Windows programs using the Wine Emulator but I've never found it entirely faultless and some programs don't much like it. Point being if you're a gamer or using some specifically windows programs then Linux isn't perfect but if you want the PC for Browsing, Document creation media playing etc it does pretty much everything you want. My suggestion would be to try a copy running it from a USB stick it'll let you have a rummage through Linux without changing your existing setup as well as confirming that your system can handle the latest version. If you decide to load Linux remember you'll need a cabled internet connection during install so it can pick up drivers for Wi-Fi and any other connected hardware.
  21. Another month passes and I take the opportunity to wish you a happy new year.
  22. Just in the off chance that any of the old gang should: A. Be still breathing B. Come over all nostalgic at this festive time of year and wonder if there's any signs of life here. I offer festive wishes for health and good cheer and just to prove that I'm still a degenerate reprobate some entirely inappropriate smut.
  23. True, got the CD somewhere, though it is collecting dust and hasn't been up to speed in a player for years. Too true, modern elevator musak, generic stuff that could be from any one of a dozen indistinguishable modern popstrels, male or female. In one ear out the other without registering as it passed through.
  24. Nik Kershaw ? and you were doing so well up to that point. As for Nick Drake, nice but of the Drake siblings I'd rather watch his sister.
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