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  1. Belatucadrus

    Where's andsome

    True and if things don't pick up there'll be another only much much longer. I assumed as much, now me I lack the remaining staff members stoic dedication to duty and if it as it increasingly appears I'm just wasting my time and yours I'll call it a day.
  2. Belatucadrus

    Where's andsome

    True but at the moment not relevant as I am not responsible for the uncharacteristic silence from the man in question. I am also not responsible for the current trend of mute visitations from forum staff and other occasional members who have given up posting here. Like you I've tried seeding the forum with a variety of posts in the hope of eliciting a reaction of some kind, with Gandalphs passing things have gone from bad to worse and getting a response of any kind is now near impossible. Sad to say but I think it's time for somebody to change it to "Windowsforum Gone But Not Forgotten".
  3. Belatucadrus

    Just in case you thought I was joking

    New FIFA teams in action Pitch looks a bit chewed up though.
  4. Belatucadrus

    Jaw dropping pictures in the Telegraph

    Now if a 23 foot great white shark. potentially the biggest one in the world turned up in the ocean near me, the last thing I'd do is swim down for a closer look. Daily Telegraph Deep Blue article.
  5. Belatucadrus

    Just in case you thought I was joking

    I have never seen the point of " the beautiful game " so you'll be unsurprised at which I find more interesting.
  6. Belatucadrus

    Patriots girls join paint league

    No. New England Patriots
  7. Belatucadrus

    Where's andsome

    Message from the man his self, So watch this space.
  8. Belatucadrus

    What are you having for dinner today?

    Eat out day so this week was a carvery at The Plough . Three generous slices of beef, roast spuds, roast parsnip, cauliflower cheese, peas carrots and a yorkshire.
  9. Belatucadrus

    Why the hell not 88

    Recidivist tendencies reinstated, pervert mode reactivated. Bet andsome isn't finding stuff like this on overfifties
  10. New signing took the field
  11. Belatucadrus

    Where's andsome

    I seem to remember he was due to see a specialist with a view to hopefully getting his driving license back, maybe it didn't go as planned. That would certainly piss me off big time.
  12. Belatucadrus

    Where's andsome

    Dunno, his account shows he's looking in just not saying anything. My first thought was maybe his keyboards busted and he's too cheap to buy a new one but he posted a comment on over fifties forum on Wednesday, so that's not the answer. Maybe we were nasty about Mahler once too often and he's got the hump.
  13. Belatucadrus

    Forum appearance change request

    Very wise.
  14. Pretty pretty please with knobs on. Turn off the ruddy incessant falling snowflakes, my Xmas spirit has expired and gone to meet its maker and I for one will be glad to see the back of them.
  15. Belatucadrus

    More NFL teams sign up

    This time it's Cleveland
  16. Belatucadrus

    Forum appearance change request

    Oh the relief
  17. Belatucadrus

    NFL to follow FIFA example

    LA Chargers ladies team launches new kit.
  18. Belatucadrus

    What are you having for dinner today?

    Fish chips and mushy peas at the Hare and Hounds, nice open fire burning very pleasant and civilised.
  19. Bruce Banner the preschool years proves not as popular as hoped.
  20. Belatucadrus

    What are you having for dinner today?

    There was me thinking you'd gone all Heston Blumenthal on us. Duck legs in orange sauce, mini pigs in blankets, sprouts, roast spuds & a few potato croquettes.
  21. Belatucadrus

    One for andsome

    Did you spot the cat ?

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