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  1. Belatucadrus's post in Extracting program files from windows.old was marked as the answer   
    Retrieving files from the Windows.old folder

    Refresh will have deleted all programs not supplied with the PC, Windows apps added from the store will be OK and anything pre-installed should still be there. Programs added afterwards will need installing again, any file created in formats specific to these programs will be unreadable until they are put back.

  2. Belatucadrus's post in Anybody having problems with BT internet ? was marked as the answer   
    Well they responded suggesting that I should:

    This invite to engage in voice interaction sent via the e-mail address that I'd reported as non functional, giving the impression that they lack literacy skills or common sense.

    Still it's working now so somebody knows what they're doing.

    " Voice interaction" sheesh

  3. Belatucadrus's post in RIDDLE - Number 1 was marked as the answer   
    Room three, I lion that hasn't eaten for three years is a bit on the dead side.

    Although if the room was large enough and you had a big enough breeding population that resorted to canibalism.

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