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  1. Thanks, catgate. Puzzle 1
  2. Use clues from pictures to obtain an anagram which you then use to form a word. I've created 20 so far and you will probably be able to appreciate the exquisite designs & pictures of the puzzles.
  3. Try It's in the zip format but you need to rename it to html.
  4. Having the right power supply is important for noise & running costs. This guide also shows how to install & test them:
  5. Has low PC requirements & yet the graphics are great:
  6. I've come across articles showing that undervolting your processor cuts its energy use with only a small performance loss. Someone said its lifespan is cut too. Is this right?
  7. It's that hard drive I want to connect.
  8. I have a sata 3.5” internal hard drive, on which I created one extended partition. In order, it contained a 1.7Gb Linux swap partition, 3 ext3 partitions for 3 linux operating systems and another ext3 partition for my data. Later I removed the first 2 linux partitions, filling their place with a new linux system. I then tried to burn a 1.7Gb iso file to my USB stick. However, it wrote the contents to that hard drive. I don't know if the original swap partition was bigger than the contents of the burned iso file. I connected the drive to my Vista 32bit netbook via a usb port. The Disk Management software listed it as 'not initialzed'. Right-clicking it I tried to initialize it but it says the drive's not ready.
  9. In Vista's control panel is the icon for Java and my laptop comes with Java 6. It will update to the latest version. I have already downloaded Java 7. How do I remove Java 6? Thanks.
  10. ccrypt-1.9.tar.gz from 650Kb works well and is very user friendly. There is a version for Windows 95-XP. You should also get 20Kb from which allows you to encrypt/decrypt files/folders by right-clicking on them in Linux KDE, Gnome, and Windows 98+. I think that in Windows you double click 'ccrypt-Win32-install.bat' to install it. ccrypt is based on the Rijndael block cipher, with 256-bit block size and 256-bit key size. The Rijndael cipher is the U.S. government's chosen candidate for the Advanced Encryption Standard. The good thing about it is that after encrypting files, you don't have to delete the original file. I'm using it in Linux and will need to send encrypted files to Windows users, so I wondered if ccrypt-1.9 works in Windows vista and 7. Can people let me know? There is a version for mac if you use google. [Linux users: There is a ccrypt for Ubuntu/debian users. To install, uncompress it. Open a terminal. Then type in the full path name. Like '/home/yourusername/ccrypt-kde-install' if it was in your home folder. It works for KDE 3.5 but I'm not sure about KDE 4.]
  11. In 1992 I saw an American comedy film on tv where one scene had a man in glasses(one of the main characters) who was going to be shot by a firing squad of 5 soldiers, but they never got to kill him. He ended up kissing a woman in a white nurse-type uniform. In another scene a blonde woman gets handcuffed to a fat man in a business suit & they end up kissing. The end of the film features them standing together talking facing the camera - I think he dresses in a military uniform. What is the film? Thanks.
  12. free space flight simulator & have a spectacular free space flight simulator for all Windows. I don't have broadband, but wondered if anyone with linux could try it with wine.
  13. I joined 2 conspiracy forums & had a 9 letter password. I posted sensitive messages in them & realized that someone could use password cracking software to get into my forum account & then my email account. one forum lets you try as many times as you like at the password. the other one, after 5 wrong tries takes you to a page saying if you type your email address your password will be sent to you - you can then press the browser's back button & re-try. on 2 occasions I couldn't log into my email - I assume because someone else was logged in then. copy & paste http:// to check your password score.
  14. Wilkinson sell the HP F380 for £30. For £10 you get the cable & spare cartridges. See The main post office(Ipswich - maybe other cities too) sell the compact HP D1460 for £20 with free cable. See
  15. See I recommend Mandriva. They have the biggest group.