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  1. NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT, M/Board ASRock K10N78FullHD-hSLI, 2.80 gigahertz AMD Athlon II X2 240
  2. I have a DVI out on the graphics card. It has 3 rows of 8 pins (plus flat pin with 4 around it), the cable supplied with monitor has 9+9 plus flat pin. Would I need to get another cable to suit, or would the supplied one fit? The VGA is in graphics card at moment.
  3. Hi My monitor is a Viewsonic VX2260wm and has both DVI-D sinle link, and VGA sockets. When I connect the DVI-D cable there is "no signal" message onscreen. It works OK with the VGA connected to the graphics card, but not to the VGA on the motherboard. I have both cables connected at the moment, but I thought that to get best performance the DVI-D should work. Thank you
  4. This means that your hard drive has 2 partitions - the main one + a "hidden O/S restore" partition - unless you have further manually partitioned your hard drive yourself. To check - look in "My computer" - does it just show you having a C:\ Hard Drive plus your other optical drives ? Yes, it just shows hard drive C plus opticals and external drive
  5. My PC came with a reload CD which takes it back to out of the box state, that is, with Widows preloaded. The reason for doing this is that things are a bit messed up (small things, too many to list) and I want to have a good clean up. Then I can choose which items I want to reinstal. I have used this CD before and it works well, giving me a like new system,(with Windows XP installed) of course I loose all programmes I had. This time I am trying to be more organised and do a backup first. I would then leave photographs,videos and music on the external drive.
  6. I am considering doing a reload on my PC ie taking it back to "out of box" status. I have an external drive (350 gb) but have never done a backup before. Can I save everything including games that are halfway through being completed? What problems am I likely to encounter and do the files, games, and documents reload easily? Also what if I changed the graphics card before reboot? Sorry for asking 3 questions in 1 post
  7. Driver installed as suggested and graphics now working OK. BUT.........now standby option has gone, and I always used it apart from accasional reboot. I used the sleep button on keyboard, and this put PC into standby. The standby option onscreen is "greyed out" Thanks to all for your help.
  8. Thanks, can rule that out as a fault.
  9. To give an accurate answer, it would be most helpful to know exactly which motherboard ypu are using ? In the original specs. it states "KT400 full ATX motherboard"
  10. I did do the memory test from Crucial before RAM purchase. How do I do the bios check? Old RAM was 266MHz, new are 333MHz, does this matter?
  11. But that's only an example- No games work !
  12. XP -Was using 1-512mb and 2-256mb, changed to 3 -1gb sticks. ATI Radeon 9500 graphics, Athalon XP2600 + processor. I have changed memory in the past (originally it was only 512mb) and did not have any problems. When I try to play Tomb raider AOD I get this- SYS_ERROR_D3D_CREATE_DEVICE Thanks
  13. I installed 3, 1 Gb sticks of RAM but now my games won't play. I thought about system restore but I would lose saved games. Any ideas?
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