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  1. If it's opera I feel pain, some other so called music as well can be painful so Bob got that one wrong .
  2. True but they never realize they are wrong.
  3. This is worded wrong, the only one I would avoid is rap, if you cut out girl/boy bands you remove the Ronettes, Shirelles, The Shangri-Las, The Chrystals and others, also The Kinks, the Animals, Simon and Garfunkel the list goes on, Jazz is questionable but some of it is ok, there are even bits of Classical that are ok.
  4. Don't know anything about Linux but does it have the drivers that will run the CD drive.
  5. Nice to see andsome is coming over from the dark side at last.
  6. rong

    Rhyming Game

    noun, plural cryptos. 1. a person who secretly supports or adheres to a group, party, or belief. adjective 2. secret or hidden; not publicly admitted: a crypto Nazi. Origin of crypto 1945-50; probably independent use of crypto-; cf. -o crypto- 1. a combining form meaning “hidden,” “secret,” used in the formation of compound words: cryptograph.
  7. rong

    Modern Motoring

    What I want to know is when they put the running lights on cars they take the indicators off
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