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  1. It doesn't work on my computer but don't worry I already solved it. I didn't remember I can open any file from the command line (.bat) just by typing its name. I feel stupid
  2. My problem is that I need to open it in different computers, with different configurations and powerpnt.exe is not usually in the path of the users. Any ideas?
  3. I am doing some work on Flash and I need to be able to open a PowerPoint presentation from a .bat file ... any ideas? For a PDF I use start thefile.pdf and it works just fine, buy by some strange reason it doesn't work with ppts Thanks in advance :)
  4. Everything was working just fine until my ISP cut the internet, it could connect just fine. Now it doesn't, it connect to the wireless network, authenticates correctly using WPA but it can't get an IP through DHCP. All the other computers in the network connects just fine now that I got the internet back. Even my Linux partition on the same computer connects just fine and get an IP. I've tried all sort of things, like enabling and disabling the connection, clicking the Repair button, ipconfig /renew, reentering my WPA passphrase very slowly and carefully but it doesn't work. This is driving me crazy. Any idea? Thanks in advance
  5. Sorry for not answering before, I'm already using the latest ATI Catalyst. Any clue?
  6. My computer shows some banding in wallpapers and color gradients in Photoshop although I'm using the highest color depth possible and the native resolution (1280x800). This is with settings and drivers installed by Acer when I bought the computer. This is a laptop with a 15.4 WXGA LCD screens I have an ATI Radeon XPress 200M I also use Gentoo Linux in the same computer and the colors are smooth and without banding with the same wallpaper or Photoshop under Wine or the GIMP even with a VESA driver Any clue?
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