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  1. One of the great things about the web is, that I am not unique and that I am not alone…The older I get the bitter I become! I bitch about everything around me and do nothing about my own issues! And I do have some serious ones, but changeable. I put myself in this position and I am very unhappy. I work very hard at designing my life as to not have any major changes. But I have noticed trying to stay still, is going backwards. Anyways I just wanted to point out that I do not exclude myself. This past year or rather two years has been hell! I mean hell! “What goes around comes around”, that age old saying. Well my time has come and I have been working very hard to not repeat history. Outside of family, all the people around me are exactly what I despise! I don’t have friends right now, and not looking either. But my employment is run by greedy, ignorant, racist (That is a strong word and don’t use it lightly!) and screwing me well! Now before I mention what I read and where, I want to say that if you have a desire, belief, ritual, whatever, that makes you a better person fantastic. I have been searching for my own for along time. I had it for about a year now and works for me. So if anything I say can be of use great, if not move on. Ok so I pick up this Bible Thumping leaflet that my hypocritical Christian co-workers pass among themselves today at lunch. And I have no problem reading it if I so desire and will take what is common sense. I understand that I do not have the answers either. My beliefs are private, but this I feel is non-invasive. By the way, education is one of my issues, if I am dragging out my point with a lot rambling than stop reading! I need the practice! LOL! So this pastor/teacher gives his first period class an offer do something and he will give each a dollar for payment. All are happy, and then he does the same with his second and third periods. Only he raises the payment to five then ten dollars. So as human nature does, lose lips cause much anger and resentment! So he tells them all the lesson is that when concern yourself with other peoples problems and riches it make you miserable! You are not perfect and your issues should be your focus. This is out of context but it is the message. What this sermon finished with was to spread the gospel to ten people and you have done your job. That pisses me off, what I came up with is this. “I cannot change the world, but changing my own makes the world a better place!”
  2. Eat it before it cools.
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