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  1. the drive has been sold, thanks to all who were intrested, Andy
  2. btw its an IDE drvie......
  3. Its, Im looking for £50 and that will include postage, payment through paypal if possible. Note: this is a brand new drive If you have any more questions or want to arrange purchasing this, please E-mail me at, andy2004 at gmail dot com
  4. After failing on e-bay twice, im looking for someone who is looking for a new hard disk, The drive is brand new, sealed, 160GB, made on 30th aug 2005, payment would be through paypal, Any other details, just ask Thanks Andy
  5. My friend has a saiteck x45 joistick that the Win XP drivers listed on the site dont seem to be suported by Win Xp or possibly just service pack 2 The problem is that everytime he restarts his computer he gets, "windows could not start properly" or the joystick dosent work after the reboot... please advise Andy
  6. Andy-2004

    my account

    lol, :wub: (long live WF)
  7. Andy-2004


    How about now? better? Think I need to thumb all of the smaller sigs? [edit] also added "beautiful blue" - yep...another avril! :D
  8. Andy-2004


    just added a new one, polorids on a log :P
  9. Andy-2004


    Thanks, but there isnt really much i can do, some day i might put them all on seperate html files and make image hotlinks to them out of thumb nails :unsure: but thats gona take a long time.... :o ;)
  10. Andy-2004


    Hello, Havent really been on here since the good old days of WF... Just thought id pop in and say hello and show you guys what ive been working on recently...Ive been working hard at my digital art and here is my page of what some of my stuff looks like... http://andy.residentevilhq.com/sigs/mysigs.html :) Andy2004/6th Maverick/Maverick2004/22nd-Maverick
  11. They're looking for sympathy...they will need all the help they can get to sell longhorn...
  12. http://vspx27.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/main.py...e&teamnum=37446
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