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    Duns. Scottish Borders. UK
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    Stamp Collecting.
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    Licensed Radio Ham. Call sign GM1 DVO.
    Build a lot of electronic gadgets. Radio equipment, Power supplies and fix other peoples Computers.

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  1. 5 Letters game

    You Heard, She Invites Destitution E S D E S
  2. Keep One Drop One

    Weapon withdrawn
  3. Write A Ten Word Story

    Is eating Cat's bad for you, undigestible I have heard.
  4. Leftover chicken: Any recipe ideas?

    I did mean give it to a Cat, but you knew that anyway.
  5. Well this is definitely different

    I have heard worse. Trouble is I can't remember where. I think it was Mahler on Youtube. I mean honestly, who the hell sat there and wrote an Orchestral piece to go with that sort of instrument.
  6. Words fail me (again)

    Rule of the Sea. Smaller Vessels are supposed to give way to larger vessels. The Larger Vessel being less manoeuvrable. All Vessels are supposed to give way to a Man of War. I can see this turning into some sort of farce over the next few Month's.
  7. The Joys of Ebay

    You have covered yourself fine Alan. There is not really anything else you could do to cover your back. Just make sure any expensive items are insured.
  8. Catwoman as she is today

    That McDonalds has a lot to answer to.
  9. Can't be bad

    I would take these so-called download speeds with a pinch of salt andsome. Remember they only lease the lines from BT. Look at a Graph od your local download speed available on your line setup for your area on Google to see what I mean.
  10. I didn't realise you were a Pervert as well Belatucadrus, my sincere apologise. I thought it was only andsome on this Forum.
  11. Android Mobile Phone Expert Needed

    Go on a PAYG Alan. There have never been any disputes on my Mobile like Libby's. I have been on PAYG since I first got a mobile, apart from a Works Mobile who paid the Bill. O2 are the worst for for these fictitious Bill's, such as I have read. I think their system needs to be looked at seriously.

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