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    Build a lot of electronic gadgets. Radio equipment, Power supplies and fix other peoples Computers.

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  1. You are very welcome "My Little Snowdrop"
  2. Hello Lamb Chop. I have a laptop which is now eleven year's old and I am still running on the same battery. What I do is, when running it at home which is nearly always, keep it on mains electricity to keep the battery charged up. But once a Month take it off the mains and use the machine on battery and totally discharge it. Then, back on the mains again to recharge the machine. This, I have read, is necassary to maintain a healthy battery. As mentioned, I have been doing this for eleven years and it is still going strong. I hope this has helped you a little.
  3. Thanks for that Belatucadrus. Now I can have a sing along the next time I watch it.
  4. I do speak a little German, it's just that I couldn't understand the mumbling.
  5. I managed 1 min 58 seconds. Then I realised I didn't have a clue what Morticha was singing about. Couldn'y understand a word of it. So switched off.
  6. I see World War III on the Horizon. He may know how to make money, but knows absolutely nothing about Politics.
  7. From where I am sitting, more like Castration.
  8. Are these Bands getting worse or is it me getting Older. Probabely a touch of both.
  9. To get back to margaritalewis. I use a VPN called VPNoneclick Pro. The yearly membership is Twenty-eight Pounds. It does offer some protection from Malware and Virii. I have been useing it for quite a while now and usually Logon to a server in Canada I have never had any problems with it so far. HTH.
  10. 18. Redbone.
  11. 14. Oceans
  12. 10. Gaston Louis Alfred Laroux
  13. 3. The Herd
  14. 15 Quentin Blake. A friend of Roahl's as I remember.
  15. 19. Atlantic Ocean. Just off the Coast of Portugal if memory serves.