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    Duns. Scottish Borders. UK
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    Stamp Collecting.
    Photography, Wildlife and Landscape.
    Licensed Radio Ham. Call sign GM1 DVO.
    Build a lot of electronic gadgets. Radio equipment, Power supplies and fix other peoples Computers.

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  1. Gandalph

    The road to nowhere

    That is the big question andsome. At least the door and stairway would be there for anybody wishing to do so.
  2. Gandalph

    Why the hell not 48

    I'll bet you would andsome. We could both support her. You on one side and me on the other.
  3. Gandalph

    The new world order 21

    If you are expecting some kisk-back, could I have some please, if you have too much that is, as it is very good to sprinkle around the tops of Roses. Keep's the Cat's off. No, Cat's off is not a Russian.
  4. Gandalph

    Worst album cover ever 45 ?

    I listened to the first minute of and then shut it off, I couldn't understand a word he was singing about. He must from 'Jarrow -upon- Tyne'. They talk like that around there as well.
  5. Gandalph

    New towing car from house of Sergei & Bubba

    Sausages on a stick come to mind.
  6. Gandalph

    Why the hell not 49

    He has got plenty to flop about. I'll bet he is a Sumo Wrestler. If he isn't he should be,
  7. Gandalph

    The road to nowhere

    OK. But if they did make a hole, then put a door in it they could put that spiral staircase up against it and it would serve a purpose. As it stands (or leans) it has no purpose at all. Thats what my mate Mick said and he should know, he is a builder for Wimpey and comes from Belfast.
  8. Gandalph

    Why the hell not 48

    More support is needed for people like her. We should give them all the support they deserve.
  9. Gandalph

    The new world order 21

    Very good. They could be "The new Three Stooges". Come to think of it, they are the Three Stooges.
  10. Gandalph

    I Think This Email Is a Scam

    I had one a few years ago but just ignored it. I think if any Government body wishes to get in touch with you they would send a legit letter.
  11. Gandalph

    Why the hell not 49

    I didn't realise something that large could run.
  12. Gandalph

    Cyanistes caeruleus 20

    Is it Dulux or Levy's do you think.
  13. Gandalph

    Sometimes mirrored roof tiles just aren't appropriate

    The only thing that is handy for is if one of your kids goes missing. It saves you opening the door to see if it is in there.
  14. Gandalph

    Why the hell not 48

  15. Gandalph

    The road to nowhere

    The door they put into the hole you wanted them to make.

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