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  1. I can't ever see that lot tasking over andsome. They are digging a pit so deep that people that did vote Labour will be voting Conservative at the next election.
  2. It's a Bird. I can tell by the feathers.
  3. My concern's are not about the builder at this stage, but rather the electrician, where the hell did he serve his time. Wormwood Scrubs by the look's of it.
  4. That him you refer to andsome was an 'er.
  5. Gandalph

    How about this

    Another well performed piece of Artistic Keyboard Mastery.
  6. That Greek singist Demisters Roosters comes to mind.
  7. Gandalph

    How about this

    Lovely stuff andsome. Does Yuja do any modern stuff.
  8. Better than Obama's, He used to use Pizzas.
  9. Handy if you have Constipation, it will vibrate it out of you.
  10. I think it's trying to tell her/him to go and get their own ball.
  11. You must have to get in through the roof.
  12. Irish builders been at it I see. That's not what the Hotel Management wanted when they said we need two room's knocking into one.
  13. A Davey Crocket hat in the making!
  14. Very nice. I hope the wind doesn't get up or there could be one almighty pile of junk to clear up.
  15. It's funny what people had to do to make a living in those day's. Some people had to even work.
  16. Now, that Cartoon doesn't look out of place for him.
  17. I doubt weather that would pass the MOT belatucadrus. It has a faulty wiper.
  18. I used to like Bling Closby slinging 'Lirrle Drummer Bouy' near Crismas time.
  19. Fair enough andsome if you have a Horse to spare.
  20. I'm surprised there isn't some sort of double trailer on the back of that thing.
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