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  1. You are right Alan. I have become disenchanted with the rock bottom membership on here. I pop and have a look now and then, but have limited time to spend on forums, and I have found a much more lively place.Its a shame really. This used to be a lively place, but times have changed.
  2. andsome


    You are right, the tune is rather crummy.
  3. Wholewheat baps filled with sliced Wiltshire ham and sliced onion.
  4. I have just phoned Virgin Media to enquire about my package. I was told that because of my present package, and the discounts on it, should I change it before next February, I would save 13pence per week. I wont be bothering.
  5. Veggie today as a change from eating dead animals. Quorn escalopes with chips and peas.
  6. andsome


    I wouldn't pay them in brass buttons.
  7. I pay at present for 200 Mb but always get considerably more. I really must reduce it and save a few bob.
  8. Cold doast sheep left from yesterday, with baby pearl spuds, carrots and cauliflower.
  9. Salt and pepper baps filled with medium rare sliced beef, and sliced onion
  10. I like ostrich steaks and burgers. Today I am making soup to have with home made bread.
  11. I wouldn’t touch a cat with the proverbial barge pole
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