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  1. Question for lady forum members

    Is that catching?
  2. You want to share your what ?

    Looks good
  3. Parus minor 2

    Oh I see.
  4. Question for lady forum members

    I was wondering the same myself. I cant remember the last time that Miss Piggy put iin an appearance.
  5. What are you having for dinner today?

    A can of mackerel in olive oil with salad.
  6. Another piece of modern pop for andsome to hate

    I wouldn’t drink him if he did
  7. Parus minor

    So would I, or walk as quickly as I could.
  8. Somehow I think I'll pass

    A golden happy time
  9. Parus minor 2

  10. Cute Owl picture

    Owls are lovely birds. I was lucky enough some time ago at a Warner’s hotel to carry one on my arm for an hour. I chose the lightest owl. It was only ten weeks old, and settled down against my chest and nodded off to sleep.
  11. Yet another cow picture

    Stupid animal
  12. olm files stuck

    I like Spanish onions, and British spring onions.
  13. olm files stuck

    They can please themselves. Onions and garlic are extremely good for you as well as being delicious

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