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  1. Funeral plans

    That deserves a massive
  2. Funeral plans

    I don't particularly want to die anywhere, but home is the best place. Too expensive for the family to travel to Venice.
  3. Funeral plans

    Beautiful music. I went to the Albert hall to see a performance with my son last year.
  4. A Manx gentleman

    You lot make my brain hurt.
  5. Funeral plans

    I have left instructions for no prayers or hymns, and no vicars. A humanist ceremony, with the adagio to Mahler's symphony number five playing as people enter the ceremony, and Glen Miller for any other music. The cheapest coffin available. No dark clothes.
  6. What are you having for dinner today?

    Jacket spuds with butter and baked beans, plus for me chopped onion.
  7. A great band

  8. Finest tune never to make Eurovision final

    Two excellent renderings. I love the organ. Mahler incorporated the organ to great effect in two of his symphonies
  9. Finest tune never to make Eurovision final

    Do you mean that you actually like Eurovision?
  10. Finest tune never to make Eurovision final

    I wasn’t aware that any music made its way to the final of Eurovision
  11. What an absolute prat

    It’s frightening that such a prat is president of one of the largest democracies in the world
  12. What are you having for dinner today?

    Raghu sauce, red beans, onion, garlic and pasta with a generous sprinkle of Parmesan cheese
  13. What an absolute prat

    Trump has suggested that school teachers should be armed with guns. What an absolute prat he is.
  14. A great band

    My daughter lived in California for two years. She had our granddaughter over there, after attending ante natal classes there. When we visited we said we would like to see San Francisco. She said she had a friend there, who she met at ante natal , and took us to a lovely house where we met her friend Nora and husband Danny. During the conversation Nora mentioned a visit to GB as Danny would be playing in the Barbican. We asked who he would be playing with, and much to our surprise Jacke said sorry I should have introduced you fully, Danny is playing drums with his Dad, Dave Brubeck. It appeared that Dave was doing a tour of Europe for his seventy fifth birthday. Not with the group but with the family. They are all musicians, and were playing with the London symphony orchestra, all Dave's music. We attended the concert having taken Nora and her baby out for tea, while Danny was in rehearsal. She took us backstage after the concert to meet the family. They are lovely people. We met him again when he did his eightieth birthday tour. On both occasions all the members of Dave's party were family members, except Bobby Millittelo, who played several different saxophones. The conductor was Russell Gloyd who toured with them. We met Dave for the third time in Symphony Hall Birmingham when he toured with the group. Our daughter also stayed with the family for a few days at one of Dave's homes.
  15. A great band

    I have the whole of this concert on CD. Great stuff.

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