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  1. Hello everybody, :) In the past couple of weeks I've been receiving some kind of strange "warning" mails with the request of forwarding them. Although not many, but all of them kind of try to warn people about something. For example to stay away from some certain medicaments such as tablets, or (in the mail from last week) that on 22nd July there's gonna be a tsunami in the indian ocean....etc. And then I'm thinking wtf???? Those mails are coming from a friend who lives in Germany like me, but comes from India and thus has contacts to people over there. I'm not quite sure if I should count t
  2. Windows 7? Wow I've never heard about that yet. Is this kind of a successor of Vista or just sort of an improvement?
  3. Well I already anticipated that for many people Vista seems still too new since it just "came into the world"^^. Its more like something for the young or middle generation. Not sure if today's older generation will experience the heyday of Vista someday. ^ ;)
  4. Hi people, I know there are already many topics going round the web how to shut down computers from a network. But I've noticed that they are mostly about how to do that between XP <-> XP(or even older) systems. I guess Windows Vista is a bit different. It's more secure and dont accept accesses like that that easy. I've got a Notebook with Vista and a computer with XP on it. They both are connected to the internet via a router. (Computer is connected via a cable and the notebook via Wireless-LAN) I tried to shut down my notebook from my computer by typing "shutdown -s -m \\[Name of th
  5. Hello, I've uploaded several videos on a site and got the URL's. Now when I put the URL links in my internet explorer I actually expect my Windows Media Player to appear and play this video. But the problem is that my Internet explorer lets me download this video instead of simply playing it in Windows Media Player. Is there any possibility to make some changes in my Internet Explorer 7 so videos can be played directly by the Media Player? Edit: By the way, I have also noticed that only small videos till ~10MB can be played directly by the WMP11. Videos which are higher can only be downloa
  6. Yes of course I have secure date on my computer but I also have all the important files discs. But who is interested of stealing a computer from a usual person like me? Guess nobody. Maybe I would look at all these things from another way, if I were the president or another important person^^ Yeah, the finger is also a very good tool to turn the computer on. As long as its not broken^^
  7. Of course^^ Its bad for the bills, but for the computer itself? :D
  8. Well I dont know, but I have an overvoltage protector and what a cheap computer would it be, when I had to worry about dont letting my computer running for too long. Isnt that what computers are made for? ^^
  9. And you were completely right with what you assumed. With the feature in the BIOS mode I am able to power up my computer while my absence. But I still dont understand why you mean this would be a security risk. Look, assuming that I'm sleeping at 3 am in the night and my computer powers up automatically, what could happen then in your opinion? I dont really think it could catch fire since I often let me computer running for hours or even days.
  10. ^^Maybe there are some people like me who want their computer to be turned on automatically at a definite time. Just imagine, you wake up and your electrical friend is already on and expects you. :lol: But one question andsome(maybe that sounds weird^^), did you just forget to put the letter "h" at the beginning of your username when you typed it in or did you knowingly write the word "andsome" without the "h"?^^ And, I dont know if I have some education gaps but who or what in the world is "Panarchy"???
  11. Well, I dont think at all that there are any risks. It is just a simple little tiny button cell which allows some processes in the computer even when its unplugged. For me that doesnt affect any security of the computer and so I dont really think something in the computer could catch fire. And you cant just "stop" or remove these processes which are ALWAYS running in the motherboard. Except, of course, you would remove the little button cell from your motherboard :D but that wouldnt be very intelligent
  12. No, no I already made a test. This feature turns on my computer even when I have completely shut it down. So I just have to set the "power on time" in the BIOS mode and turn off my computer and at a scheduled time my computer turns automatically on. It really works! :)
  13. Now I got it! After some searching and thinking I went to the BIOS setup as "keylight" already mentioned and I found out something interesting. I'd like to show you what exactly I did. Here are 2 pictures. I didnt know how to make a screen capture in the BIOS mode so I simply used my camera^^: There was an entry called "Power On By RTC Time". I didnt really know what that could be but it looked like something which could be the thing I've been searching for. And I found out it is!
  14. The idea with letting my pc in the stand by mode sounds not bad altough I already thought about this. And I think even if I would switch into the stand by mode, my computer would be still eating unnecessary power which would not be so good for the electricity bill since I have a power supply with about 290W. I've been thinking and it came to my mind that there are those little button cells on each motherboard which allow certain processes(time, date...) even if the computer isnt connected to the power. Do you think there is a possibility to create like another process which can turn on the c
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