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  1. hey!that program is really useful!thanks!!!but is not solving my problem :S
  2. I fixed the problem with the SetPoint but the windows says "There's a problem with the hardware" when they are working perfectly agrrrrhhhh.....
  3. No I can do it,because i recovered the system,but i phoned logitech,I'm going to try what they said....but i think the problem is on the register...mmmm
  4. Hi!This days the XP is not giving me a brake...I have the Logitech Cordless Desktop LX 700(Keyboard and Mouse),the problem came when i plugged my Logitech MX310(another mouse what i have only for play) windows gave me an error when it was searchin for the drivers "Fatal error ocurred,driver not install correctly". I unistalled the Logitech SetPoit deleting the folder directly from my Programs Files because it didnt let me do it properly.Now when i try install the SetPoint again it says is already on the computer and i dont need install it :S I recovered windows(not only because this)and after that i tryed it again...but it still saying the same :S I really need put my keyboard and mouse back....and the other mouse again...otherways i can't do anything,except reinstall windows from 0,thing what i don't want Sorry if you don't understand this well,but i'm pissed off with this things.Windows is always giving errors.... Any idea how to delete the setpoint and reinstall it again?I'm convinced is that what is making the trouble,if i email logitech they ar going to blank me,or email me back in 2 weeks ¬¬ Thanks one more time!!!!
  5. I dont have a clue in what language we are talking hahah i only want put my dialog boxes where i want but i can si i can't :S Thanks anyway =)
  6. Hi!I was wondering how to put my dialog boxes where i want,in fact i can,but next time they are going to be in a corner....in the center or whereever. I have two screens,that means they are going to appear on the primary one(not all of them)for example the recyle some times is on the center and sometimes on the corner of the other screen....and the same with the other applications.Well...with the windows is happening something like that,anyway im not interested in the windows %100. The thing is....i moved them a lot of times to the center or wherever i want,but notthing....next time they will be in the corner :| Someone knows how to put them where you want and let them appear next time where you want?(and don't tell me right click move,or drag the bar...lol) Thanks!!!
  7. PySikE

    How to restore all my data

    hey!thanks!that program look useful!!! Thanks!!!
  8. Hello to everyone!is my first post and i dont know if it's a newbie question. Well,the problem is the next.My Windows is on a partition of 30 GB and the data is on other one with the rest of the HD,my games,audio sequencers etc... I'm a gamer and music producer,and reinstall the games again is alright,but the music sequencers,VST plugins etc... are over 100 GB :S I know i can save some information with windows and start again with them,but i don't know...I need save all my programs installed,and found them after the installation. Anyone knows if this is possible with windows or any software? Thanks.

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