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  1. Il Capo

    button click simulation?

    Try posting a message on this board http://forum.dreamweaverwebmaster.com/ It may help you or just takec a look through the posts.
  2. Il Capo

    Your thoughts

    Thanks As per the Intro page "there is a skip button" The client wants the web site to look like his letter head/footer so thats why numbers on telphone are +44 I am aware of the size of the vacancies page this will change, when more vacancies are posted, that page is in development. Mapquest version of map will be linked to the version there at the moment Thanks again to all.
  3. Il Capo

    Your thoughts

    I have added a transition to the pages and changed the way the vacancies page reads whats everyone comments now. :shifty:
  4. Il Capo

    Your thoughts

    I dont know why the map stays small on re load its ok. Good point about what is required in application, client has asked for that type of layout.
  5. Il Capo

    Your thoughts

    :mellow: Have a look and tell me what you all think independentchefs.co.uk
  6. Il Capo

    Big Brother 5

    B) Great TV viewing the best yet, pitty Kitten has gone! :(
  7. Il Capo

    Your thoughts

    Your Home page Nav is not sitting like the rest of your site!
  8. Il Capo

    Any comments on this layout?

    :huh: I checked back on your site and ive got a question; the right hand advert panel is out of enlignment in most of the pages and it dosnt balance with your really nice banner, could you place all ads in one layer/panel with same background as main body of content and extend over your banner? It would make your site look even better.
  9. Il Capo

    this guy has got such a slick site

    Like it a lot wish i had guts to do somthing likr that i dont seem to have the time these days, very insperational top marks, a good bit of instalation art!!!!!!
  10. Il Capo

    Tell me what you think

    Green on black a bit harsh, you have to break convetion but can u use a diffrent Hue and Saturation? what i mean is like the sun flowers Yellow on Yellow why does it work.
  11. Il Capo

    Any comments on this layout?

    How do think Netfusion handles, better than dremwever? it can be a bit complicated i think but you can generate a neat site map quite simpley.
  12. Il Capo

    Come on have a go

    ok try this one out http://www.am-productions.co.uk/chef/template.htm the old site is here at http://www.independentchefs.co.uk/ whats everyones thoughts on the new look what about the nav think ill keep it to the right!!!! B)
  13. Il Capo

    Look at this site for me

    only prob i can see with the gallery is the bounce thats caused with the landscape and then switching to potrait pics, if you can elimenate that then that would be even better. how about putting a add/poster/ text in every 4th one, that should solve the problem simmilar to the first one.
  14. Il Capo

    Look at this site for me

    I lve the "Gallery" but can you make the full size pics maybe a bit smaller to help download times? Otherwise 10 out of 10
  15. Il Capo

    Come on have a go

    youve got a point there, ive got myself in a rut with fonts .... to boring

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