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  1. its not pfizer thats ripping people off. boots are profiteering by selling them at £60 and then if you go back for more charge a £37 .50 medical fee. after that they are only £22 .
  2. hi my comp packed in today,looks like the power supply but when i looked inside the fan had melted off the graphics card. rang medion and they are going to collect it on wednesday . problem is i want to get all my files off the harddrive and it is password protected. tried it as boot on this machine but just got a blue screen. i have conected it as second drive but there is no way to put my password in. can anyone help me get my files. cheers bill
  3. s video is picture only (no audio) hence the no sound. don't no why it's black and white though. i would go with pops RCA suggestion. bill
  4. i had this recently happen to me. i found that the update was actually failing to install. so i did a reinstall of avg and that solved the problem. hth
  5. pwp

    Poor guy

    and mine. funny how the rich are always bemoaning the fact that money is such a burden.
  6. its the wrong trousers japanese stlye. :blink:
  7. pwp


    http://samorost2.net/samorost1/ :blink:
  8. 6 shifts a year its only five if you have less than 20 years service :rolleyes: hard done to arn't i.
  9. hi chris gave me this link it may help you http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308421/en-us
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