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  1. Back Up of E Mail Address Book

    Boris, sounds like the same number of times for me too
  2. Back Up of E Mail Address Book

    Sorry ol' son, I've never used your method, so am unable to advise you. All I was saying was, you keep making these backups but have you ever proved they are effective? It seems not. When I first made a backup image with Acronis yonks ago I set aside an afternoon to "test" a restore, just to see how it all behaved. Needless to say it was very worrying at the time, but at least I knew what to expect when I was in deep trouble and needed a recent backup. I don't think I can help you any further. Have fun
  3. Back Up of E Mail Address Book

    ...and johnoo have you? (sorry Boris that was meant for our friend johnoo, but you knew that ;O)
  4. Back Up of E Mail Address Book

    Have you ever run one of your backups - just to see if it works and restores stuff as you expect it to? I am not saying there is a Test Button. I am saying YOU do a test to prove it works properly.
  5. Back Up of E Mail Address Book

    We all hope we'll never need the backup. It is worth running a test restore now, just to see how it works and also you'll now how it behaves when you come to do it for real.
  6. Malwarebytes

    morty, Go to Scan>Custom Scan and specify which drives you want scanned. I only ever scan my C:\drive which is just OS and programs, and don't scan my D:\ data drive.
  7. Favourite crisp flavour

    At many business meetings there is a lot of fannying about, esp in the south. I too used the expression, in business meetings in the south, but then I was known for coming out with phrases they hadn't heard before. I just got a look, but then often a congratulatory remark in the corridor afterwards. Result!
  8. Favourite crisp flavour

    On the theme of crisps I see they tried out a new flavour: Helicopter, but they never took off. People Prefer Plain.
  9. Web Site Format

    Thanks for that. I will move WF to another browser where I have adblock plus. Yes I know, I could add it to this one but I find it adversely impacts other browsing, don't ask. PS the spell check doest work here. I spelled adversely wrong but a right click didn't offer me the correct spelling. Ho hum.
  10. Back Up of E Mail Address Book

    I always use .csv format, and usually save a second backup copy in any other format, justin case. I also do this for my passwords, and for my Outlook calendar; once in .csv and again in an alt format, justin case.
  11. How to post a picture

    By no means the beer it was, now owned by Interbrew or is it AB InBev now, brewing is contracted out - I am not even sure you can get this on cask anymore, just keg fizz only, perhaps.
  12. Oh I Say ... A Place To Chatter

    I think its really his IP address
  13. Anybody for a bite to eat ?

    And there I was looking forward to their homemade pea soup, and a big bowel of chips.
  14. How to post a picture

    I have never called them sleevers, we use the word Conical. My preferred beer glass is a Tulip
  15. How to post a picture

    Dunno what I am doing different each time, but this image gave me handles so I could reduce the size, unlike the Theakstons one above, how peculier.