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  1. D4\/!d

    Why the hell not 27

    Hilda, by Duane Bryers Now who does HE remind me of?
  2. D4\/!d

    Why the hell not 27

  3. D4\/!d

    Cheats Gazpacho

    I swear I'm not, 'onest guv.
  4. D4\/!d

    Cheats Gazpacho

    Gazpacho: What a coincidence, I have just been consuming this in Cala'n blanes, Ciutadella de Menorca. Yummy it was too. I also had Salmorejo which I preferred. They are both lovely summer tomato soups (served cold) so what's the difference? (note I cannot do garlic so have to leave it out)
  5. D4\/!d

    Review of new website/Blog

    Firstly my name is not "There". I do not greet folk with an exclamation of Hi. I use the word Hello. To me Black and Yellow is a warning for Danger, think bees, think electricity barriers. I looked quickly at the site, and left. The continual pop ups scared me away. This is not what you wanted to hear I am sure, but then I am not your target audience. I am sure your intended readers will love you and think you are...whats the word, oh yes, awesome.
  6. D4\/!d

    New Keyboard

  7. D4\/!d


    In the 1950s I can remember Mum having a damp "Floor Cloth" by the washing line to wipe it before she hung out the laundry.
  8. D4\/!d


    I grew up in the shadow of the Battersea Dogs Home, or rather as my Mum would comment under the coal smuts of Battersea Power Station
  9. D4\/!d

    You must ascend the throne

    Is that how you sit on it......side by side
  10. D4\/!d


    PF Dogs PF Dogs
  11. D4\/!d


  12. D4\/!d

    Too cheap to buy Plasticine ?

    pos Bow-Poop / bo-peep too.
  13. D4\/!d

    So that's what went wrong in the workplace !

    And Bob's yer uncle
  14. D4\/!d

    House trained, now there's convenient

    Isn't that how Nellie the Elephant said goodbye to the circus
  15. D4\/!d

    Bad taxidermy 23

    It's been Lyin' around a lot

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