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  1. What to do next in case you were confused

    I'll say this for Gandalf, come on andsome, you can do better than that, that was such a Wee Groan.
  2. Back From Holiday

    Its a generation thing. I agree with your every word. If They were not at the resort you would have met them on the plane, sitting, kicking, swearing, boozing behind you.
  3. How hot were the peppers ?

    That's a cracker, a porcelain cracker.
  4. What breach of copyright ?

    Ah that explains why, with my body looking bigger, It looks smaller!
  5. Try this delicious hot drink

    Available at your local Spar Convenience Store
  6. Heartfelt public apology

    Try one of these:
  7. What have they done to C Cleaner

    I've just re-installed a pre-Christmas version 538, and I feel much better about it. No more CCleaner updates now for me.
  8. CCleaner

    Thanks for the reminder
  9. Why catgate

    I was trying to decide Weather of not you've got a Dry sense of humour.
  10. Speedier Forum

    Shirley that's all you need with a binary system. and thanks Craig for the extra RAM
  11. Pet Hate - Bleach Bottles

    It's in the post catgate, didn't you receive it yet. It should come bouncing along soon.
  12. How thirsty would you need to be ?

    I remember walking along and treading on an Orange once outside a Synagogue and all the Jews ran out.
  13. Coffee and mince pies with Van Morrison (and his minders) at a Christmas event at All Souls Langham Place the year Van was top of the pops together with Cliff. Whenever God Shines His Light: Van Morrison & Cliff Richard December 1989
  14. Pet Hate - Bleach Bottles

    Dunno. I gave it a blank look.

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