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  1. the OP reminds me of a lazy dog - a Slow Pup
  2. I saw a batch of these only last week. Someone was peddling them down our local market - which is next to the recycling depot.
  3. He made a bolt for the door but there was a catch.
  4. If you sit there you'll get Toad in the Hole
  5. I seem to remember there is a way to test the backup file you want to use. I have a tree list of files on the left . At the right end of the file name there is a down arrow (hover for see it) click it and there is a drop down list. Select Validate. It might sort out if the back up file is still any good. Hope that helps,
  6. Hilda, by Duane Bryers Now who does HE remind me of?
  7. I swear I'm not, 'onest guv.
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