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  1. My kindness is extraordinary

    Gandalph, that's like a friend of mine who had Jelly stuck in one ear and Blancmange in the other, he was a Trifle Deaf.
  2. My kindness is extraordinary

    Du hast / Du hasst is a favourite \m/ >_< \m/
  3. What happens when you hunt pheasants out of season

    Its a Salt Course
  4. AWOL again

    thunderbolts and lightning very very frightening
  5. And now for something completely different!

    I can remember we all used to sit round a candle, and if it got cold we used to light it.
  6. And now for something completely different!

    ....and the water was condensation running down the walls, and we still had change from a ten-bob-note.
  7. Leftover chicken: Any recipe ideas?

    You mean Fowl taste.
  8. Cow 8

    Dunno why this old August post should pop up but that Cow is a Vintage Cow, you can tell coz its in Black and White.
  9. Android frustration

    Gorgeous one, when the time comes for you to go, heaven forbid, there will be far more than an explosion! Ignore that nanny state warning, I do. Glad you are getting used to it. Try using things you think you don't need. No, go on do it. For example I am not a gamer, not at all. Yet I have just started playing a few Candy Crush type games and d'you know what its fun, no really. Try it.
  10. RIP Fast Eddie Clarke

    That's all of 'em gone now. Plus last year Michael Davies keyboards in Hawkwind DikMik aged 73
  11. Android frustration

    Some apps - they don't call 'em programs - some apps cannot be Un-installed. But sometimes they can be Disabled (Settings>Application Manager), sometimes its greyed out so you cannot. To uninstall try SD Maid, but take care, it is powerful, and there is no backup (acronis/system restore) to return to. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eu.thedarken.sdm&hl=en_GB You'll get to like your new Android, I promise. Just let it do what it does. Remember this IT world is where today's folk were born n' bred, they live in it, we are merely occasional visitors. Hope that helps,
  12. Wow that must have taken some doing

    Q: What’s grey/brown and has four legs and a trunk?A: A mouse going on holiday.
  13. Music for those with taste

    Try this. You don't have to listen to the end, its just one of my Christmas favourites. Greg Lake R I P 7 December 2016 I believe in Father Christmas - Greg Lake - Ian Anderson

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