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  1. thats fine... you could come in 2end and third... but i'm fourth...
  2. we could flip it back on you. lol j/k
  3. we will figure it out eventually

  4. i have it already... it is great... and also it has, these new screen savors that move the whole day you are on it... like water falls. cools stuff. I am also waiting for sp1 and 2. i'm with you all the way
  5. if you owned it you would think different
  6. all i have here is rainbow, it finally quit with andsome's dogs :D
  7. why do you need to change the icons any way
  8. go in to the properties and look around
  9. you are truly a wonderful person and would love to meet you in real life. You sound like a alsome guy.

  10. well that just canceled my trip... not really. is it true that people in china get games like x box, playstation, and pc games, they get them like a quater cheaper than we do. thats sucks. Thats why you have long term relationships ... "hey baby can you get me this... really really cool game." "sure But you will have to pay me" "Its over"
  11. dang you have been active to day huh... well I was told to chill out so ... i am. But still posting B) :lol:
  12. why not use a ups instead of surge protector. they are way more relyable then cheap surge protectors.... aka, power stips.
  13. pretty good list if you ask me. (just in my opinon) i would use pest patrol. and bitdefender
  14. does any one use live cd's and also is it a cd or a dvd.
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