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  1. Happy Birthday, Boris...

    Is there somewhere more exotic ??
  2. Happy Birthday, Boris...

    Happy Birthday ...May your next one take years to reach.
  3. A Manx gentleman

    I am pleased we have at last managed to bring three cornered circuit boards into the daylight after all these weeks since it was first mentioned. Neva Bend, the brand that Robert was pushing, seem to be loosing favour due to the angularity of their bends. Even though we do not use them, they really should be made neatly. On the other hand, if just going across the road, to clip in the dredge valve every three hundred yards, is a chore, then Stanley should be moved to another tower. The new one in Clitheroe, next to the back door of the barbers in Chapel Street, is a prime example on how not to dispose of unwanted dredgings.
  4. Funeral plans

    That is the dead centre of Venice.
  5. A Manx gentleman

    Re. Keith Kennaugh and family. His mother was another delightful bundle of fun. One day we were walking up the road, towards the path that leads out, through a little wooded area, to the farthest edge of the island. We had not gone far when we came up behind Keith's mother. She said she too was going to the wooded area, on her daily walk. So we walked along together and chatted about this, that and the other. As we were started to enter the wooded area she said that she came every day (weather permitting) to feed her pets. She would not tell us what they were and we would find out in due course. After walking another 30 yards, or so, we came upon a "park bench" (the sort with arms at each end) and there we sat down. She opened the bag she was carrying and pulled out some bread and started calling "ROBBY PUFF-PUFF", "ROBBY PUFF-PUFF" , "ROBBY PUFF-PUFF". After another few "ROBBY PUFF-PUFFs" a lovely friendly Robin came and sat on the arm of the seat where she sat, and pecked bread or something similar from her hand. The robin ate its fill and then flew off. "Ratty", "Ratty","Ratty", a few times, brought a very friendly rat out of the long grass. It sat on the floor looking up at her and it received in return the same as what Robby Puff-Puff had gobbled. Just as quickly as they appeared they disappeared, and management and I just sat in wonderment wishing we could have a replay!
  6. A Manx gentleman

    I sometimes wonder myself if I understand what I have written. I put it down to senility and lack of intelligence.
  7. A Manx gentleman

    Q What has changed in your text, catgate? It does not appear to have been tampered with, but Alan's "A splendid story, and so well told." made me think someone had got in and smartened it up.
  8. A Manx gentleman

    I am at a loss to understand how the above text can have been changed between leaving my screen and its arrival on this screen!!!!
  9. A Manx gentleman

    http://www.culturevannin.im/video_story_297420.html One day, about '71 or '72 , on what was probably our first holiday in the Isle of Man, we were walking down a lane towards the sea and came across a cottage at the side of the lane. The cottage was situated "end on" to the road, and there was a garage built on at the back, with its entry/exit door facing the road. There was also a fairly large garden divided into sections by paths. It was June and every thing seemed to be growing to perfection. As we looked and wondered, out came the owner, Mr. Keith Kennaugh. This was the start of a friendship with him and his family which is still ongoing. Keith was, like a lot of Manx men, fairly interested in motor cycles, and he had gradually built up a small collection. The best of the collection was a 500cc Vincent, the worst was a BSA 250cc. There were a dozen or so more bikes mostly in bits and needing love and care. In the period covered above I had built for myself a two seater "sports car". It was a "Mini Gem". I bought a Mini Gem fibreglass body and put into it Mini Cooper running gear and fittings. The first summer after completion we went to IoM in it, and as usual we made Keith's our first call. He looked at the Mini Gem with glee. There was a Garden Show on down in Port St Mary and he had entered a cauliflower. Now his gardening was really serious and so was the cauliflower. It would not go through any door in his car (a Morris 1100) but it looked as though the Mini Gem rear window/hatch would just accept the cauliflower. It did and so off we went. To get into the hall where the show was being staged we had to open both swinging doors to carry it through. Yes of course he took first prize. It might have been the following year that Keith wanted to buy the Mini Gem, so we did a deal. We swapped several old motor cycles (and bits) for a Mini Jem. There could be a book written about Keith and his gardening but sadly he died about three years ago whilst still a fairly active chap. Both his children are now married but his wife still keeps the garden at the front of the house like a picture. The garden at the back of the house, and at the side of the road, ceased being "a garden" before his demise but it still has his touch firmly worked in to it. RIP Keith https://www.culturevannin.im/video_story_297420.html
  10. Time for some good ole country music

    Do all these interesting (and sometimes listen-to-able) musicians actually like what they are producing, or do they do it because "they always do it"?
  11. Bit of German stuff

    Well it's in foreign !
  12. There is nothing on this menu that tempts me one bit

    You could try the paper on which it is printed. It's bound to be more wholesome and taste better.
  13. Don't forget to wear a bib and cagoule

    Bamboo should not be shooting with anything, no matter how delicious it is !
  14. Funeral plans

    Isn't the Chinese burial done sideways?
  15. Time for some good ole country music

    Marvellous . There are very few Mongolian who can knock out such a characteristic performance when armed only with instruments.

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