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  1. http://www.culturevannin.im/image_collection_252780.html Keith had a heart of gold, as has his widow. I could write a book.
  2. Well obvious really

    That's a cracker Belatucadrus
  3. 5 Letters game

    People Riding On Camels Talk THUMB
  4. 5 Letters game

    No onion is grating itself UPRIGHT
  5. Creamy Chicken Curry

    "I use freshly cooked skinless, boneless thighs." Mine are a bit like that.
  6. ..................but some users prefer to have control over when it does it. From my past encounters with MS I can understand that.
  7. There is a man in our village who runs Linux "Mint". Apparently it almost seems to do its own updating and up grading.
  8. Who has been messing with my Facebook page.

    " something he knows the owner of the aforementioned Facebook page would never do in public. " Like eat a cheese and treacle sandwich?
  9. Who has been messing with my Facebook page.

    Not me. I dare not put my face on any page.
  10. Weather

    The warp core has a baseplace of prefamulated amulite surmounted by a malleable logarithmic casing in such a way that the two swerving bearings run a direct line to the parametric fam. I feel that you have probably explained to us perfectly the precise formation of the root cause. It was suggested a few days ago that the price of amulite might fall if it became cheaper. Now just might be the time to build up a safety stock.
  11. I Love Reading .... Fan fiction

    Gabaldon ! Should it not be "Gabbled On"?
  12. Gift Wrapping Tutorial

    Well of course.
  13. Tell me friends...

    Well, well, well. I really do not mind if they are shaggy dog stories or some other sort of stories. As far as I am concerned they are little stories that contain some little oddity or even surprise. The other necessity, of course, is that they must be true. This latter requirement necessitates me being present at the "event" or "happening". I suppose another thing is my outlook on life and those "like souls" fighting through it .
  14. Cow 8

    "Suggestions for which MPs should be forcibly introduced to the Big Brother house on a postcard to Endemol productions." Could I suggest a simpler means of dealing with all politicians? Lock the doors of "the houses" whist both lot are acting out their charades and send in GUY FAWKES &co.