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  1. Welcome Little Jimmy!

    "He’s fallen in the water." That brings back memorys of the best series of programmes that were ever aired, and the memories of the banter in the lab. on the day after it had been aired.
  2. Welcome Little Jimmy!

    Come back Little Jimmy....all is forgiven,
  3. Tripe

    When I was a young child (pre war) my mother's sister (who turned out to be my aunt) and her husband (who turned out to be my uncle) had a fish and chip shop. For some reason, quite unknown to me, they went into town (Bradford) shopping every Tuesday afternoon. They would then return to our house for tea. They always brought a little trinket or toy for both me and my sister! They also always brought "something for tea". Some times it was tripe! I did not know what it was but I knew I did not like it and many were the arguments ending in a bruised bum. Fortunately it was ended by a man called Adolf!!
  4. Tripe

    Does anyone eat tripe these days? I believe it is in short supply all around the country. This shortage is attributed to the amount talked in the Palace of Westminster,
  5. A very sad reality

    There was a wonderful little happening on the day I was "best man". We were sitting about waiting for time to pass, and for the brides brother in law to arrive with his car, to take the bride to the church. We were in the lounge at the brides home. I said, "Where is Victor?" Granny, who was sitting at the back of the room said, " He's gone to pick up his car." I replied "Oh. where is it?", She said, "It's at the garage." I said "What's the problem?" She said "He's been having trouble with his Crown Pin and William." There somehow seemed to be nothing more to say about the matter!!!
  6. What is this?

    It is a slot that is put there to provide a suitable place for putting superfluous circles.
  7. First Nudist Restaurant Opens In France

    You make it sound almost illegal.
  8. Midori ?

    Is MS still alive?? Every one I know seems to be on something else.
  9. First Nudist Restaurant Opens In France

    I bet this daftness does not migrate to Iceland.
  10. One for AlanHo

    I did not know he kept his sense of humour down there! He has it wonderfully trained..
  11. A very sad reality

    Anything worth taking seriously is worth making fun of. I am afraid I do not really go along with this idea Alan. One day last week we went up to a place called Saltburn-by--the--Sea. In this small sea side town is a "Nursing Home" and in it is a friend of mine of long standing. We both worked many years in the R&D Labs. of the same company. His movement to another lab. had left a vacancy , and I was recruited to fill it. This was in the early 50s. We were both "in digs" in the same house and got on like a house on fire. We were almost like brothers. I tutored him in the art of driving and passing the test for a car licence.' He taught me the art of drinking beer in sensible quantities. I was already married at this time and Brian was just coming out of a divorce shambles. In due course I got a house in the village and so did Brian, and in due course I got the job of "best man" at his wedding to a young woman who was, and still is, a very caring and loving wife. After some years he left the company and went into the the wines and spirits trade. He followed this by having a pub of their own at Lythe near Whitby. Eventually he went back to being a rep. before retiring. About seven years ago whilst undergoing open heart surgery he had a seizure (or something). “Thanks” to the patience and skill of the surgeons they got the heart ticking again, and after several weeks of worry, by all who knew of the situation, he finally came out of his “hibernation” and made noises, but was paralysed all down one side. He could hear and understand, but he could not reciprocate. As the years have gone by a number of hand motions and finger motions have developed to mean things and, generally speaking, he is much better than he was, but only a man with the spirit and will of a chap like “my mate” could ever come through what he has suffered. His wife travels by taxi every day from their house in Guisborough to Saltburn and back and scarcely leaves his side. (one can tell the Nursing Home is not NHS. Even visitors get cups of tea.) P.S. A couple of days ago we got the news we did not want to hear, but were, never-the-less, pleased to hear.
  12. Another one for AlanHo

    The information about the penguin is interesting. It is something that I would never have realised.
  13. Meat Loaf

    Have they not gone back yet. It seems like months since I said, "Cherrio".
  14. Oooh so that's what it means !!

    Very often I find that a nice cup of tea, and a sit down in a comfortable armchair, are absolutely no good at getting all the broken cups out of an elephants ear. (Either ear) This makes me think that July would be better turned round and filled with time expired corn flakes. What do you think??
  15. Oooh so that's what it means !!

    Nit overy wun of thees spill chuklers ar as akurat as Jinsuns Thysorius or Kemps Enginearing Year Book of 1923.