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    1 Lifting things up and popping other things underneath them.
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    3 Extracting hot chips from a budgie's nostril with consommé.
    4 That big blonde next doo
    5 Tripartite ferret strangling

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  1. catgate

    What is keyword stemming?

    The most commonly used tools are a 3 lbs Orforths mallet (with short handle) and 5lbs Brungler, ( with the usual sharp blades in the grubbler shankler...... a small one is by far the best.)
  2. catgate

    In The Mood

    I had "White Christmas" on one of my disks several years ago. It is still just as jolly as was.
  3. catgate

    I Have Changed

    My sympathy is on its way to you (in a little plastic bag)
  4. catgate

    An epic finale

    I was a bit puzzled by Cardinal Polish. I could never decide if was polish for the Bishop or a Buffing Up polish produced by the Bishop.
  5. catgate

    An epic finale

    Mansion That is a good old polish in my memory. I can remember it from very many years gone by. ( I must ask she who must be obeyed about it. )..
  6. catgate

    An epic finale

    That bald one, at the right back, is a big lad, But he has a nice shilne to his topping. I wonder what he uses for polish.???
  7. catgate

    Too difficult for me

    "He’s been dead for many years" Well, we will send him to meet Mahler then.
  8. catgate

    Too difficult for me

    The tune needs orchestrating and the "artist" needs a right good castrating. (or a night out with Mahler!)
  9. catgate

    What is keyword stemming?

    I believe that it depends where you are, relative to the moons axis. I have been told that if the moon's axis is not available, a sensible sized piece of ply wood and about 200 yds, of string will set things just right, if you can get to sleep just before your tea goes cold.
  10. catgate

    What is keyword stemming?

    Is it true what they say about Dixie? Does the moon shine all the time?
  11. catgate

    Video for 29/11/2018

    Poor little beggar. It is going to grow up afraid dark green walls.
  12. catgate

    One for Bella

    I think it is an exhibition of wild mixed noise running out of control.
  13. catgate


    Rodolph Luzaitis needs straightening up a bit. Does big Roger still do jobs?
  14. catgate

    One for Gandalph

    Very nice but very, very sad. Good by and good luck Gandalf .
  15. catgate

    Gandalph - Sad News

    Well that is a nasty blow for a lot of people, many W.F. members included. The only happy thing is that he died very suddenly. Good Bye Colin

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