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  1. Please can I be classed as "old, benign and almost literate" ?
  2. I had always been told "The Fastest is not necessarily the quickest". The above seems to confirm the truth in this above........ "What is to "bee bone", with an over used untruism; can not be taken for just another "wonder work".
  3. I am deeply concerned about the apparent disappearance of Stella. It is several months since she first came into our "family". Since then she seems to have vanished (or disappeared).
  4. I think this matter needs investigating before it gets "out of hand".
  5. Well, it is good to know "She" is in safe hands now, (if she has been found).
  6. Where has Stella gone?????
  7. catgate

    No Problems?

    I have tried to find the answer to your question in vain. I also tried to find out if Atoms were edible, (particularly after 9.0 p.m.)
  8. catgate

    No Problems?

    The quest for nadir ointment is not having the enormous success that was expected. This has led to a need to refine the home guards, and re assess Mrs. Sutcliffe's Biceps. It has been known for quite a while that she uses Eritrean lard for tuning her Pit Bull-terrier before rolling it up and put it in the cupboard for the winter.
  9. catgate

    No Problems?

    It is now too late to save any of the nadir ointment. I must try to find a good substitute.
  10. catgate

    No Problems?

    That is a very interesting question, pops, The current amount of zeniths "used up" (and/or " lost & not found") has increased amazingly since the introduction of early closing in all the shops and takeaways that do not permit zenith servicing more than 4 hours (after six o.clock p.m. on Wednesdays.) This does not seem to have affected
  11. catgate

    No Problems?

    "Coupled with the fact that the whole raison d'être of Windows Forum is effectively obsolete . . . . . . ." I suspect Windows Forum is just approaching it's "Zenith", which, suitably treated, could carry on for at least another year or two (should we all be spared!)
  12. I do hope you have ensured that the Riviera is still there, before you go out trying to purchase any bits of it . It is such an odd place that people take away lumps of it as trophies. There may be none left when you arrive.
  13. catgate

    No Problems?

    I have a long way to walk and also a long way back.........it all depends We of the older orders are not as young as the older "olders" used to be, when they were younger than we who were (and still are) slightly older. It is of little importance until something arises to that is important to the "olders". But the youngsters are simply "all agog! " by late afternoon on every Thursday after 3 p.m. I have talked to one or two people, who wish for change in size, but sadly I can not advise them, since I am bound by the promise to ignore all passing handcarts and ladys with excessive wobbles.
  14. Since the above information (dealing with the matter of the difference between oak and "cured dribblings" ) was first raised, it has been discovered that, as a building material, cured dribblings is totally unbeatable for keeping out the drunken vicars that, all too frequently these days, are more than necessarily quite friendly on a Wednesday (often without salami).
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