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    1 Lifting things up and popping other things underneath them.
    2 Standing askance
    3 Extracting hot chips from a budgie's nostril with consommé.
    4 That big blonde next doo
    5 Tripartite ferret strangling

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  1. catgate

    Where do you go for good game reviews?

    It seldom finds its own way back from front or even a spare pare of lilac nibbleres, Granted the call for more is seldom less and if it ever if it were would we sufficient get up and go to find out have or give away grasitttis?
  2. Looks like another "Car Improvement" is on its way from those "clever know alls" of the West.
  3. catgate

    Why the hell not 31

    I think she is walking up a horizontal staircase.
  4. catgate

    Worst album cover ever 38 ?

    I have always found that I get a feeling of there being something missing with these Jewish groups.
  5. catgate

    Why the hell not 30

    ........... this one is clothed....but not for long!
  6. catgate

    Worst album cover ever 36 ?

    I like a good yodel.....but it must be in/on/with a suitable "carrier", which in my opinion is definitely not Princess Ramona..
  7. catgate

    Why the hell not 29

    It looks to me as though she may well slice herself in two horizontally, if she carries on with that silly practice.
  8. I am sure your estimate figure must be within reach of most of the noggler fanciers in U.K., so Gretsau should present no problem at all to the majority of the daily bus users. Yes even to those who have never even had to segregate or ponder.
  9. catgate

    If you don't care to share with a bear.

    "I wonder what Elephants use? " Great care!
  10. catgate

    Why the hell not 28

    Belatucadrus "How long till she gets redacted I wonder." Can she not get dedacted or badacted or something a little more genteel .
  11. Froundle grid smoerty gidloth aggindle out except franger or thradle amongst orthen over gridlepod, Iff nardle £66
  12. catgate

    If you don't care to share with a bear.

    That's fair enough Alan. As long as the Bear wiped his bum on something I suppose you could call it hygienic. I seem to remember a TV prog., some few years ago, featuring amongst other things Pandas using quite big leaves for that purpose.
  13. catgate

    Worst album cover ever 35 ?

    I once read an article (several many years ago) in a monthly magazine, which debated the matter of the sex of the pet and the sex of the owner. Sadly the part of the article that carried the conclusion was missing, so I stopped liking both, just to be on the safe side. As a safeguard we started dislikeableing next doors cat with a small yardbrush and a shovel. We have had no trouble since, apart from the low flying aircraft.
  14. catgate

    Why the hell not 28

    It surprises me what some women will do just for fun.

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