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    4 That big blonde next doo
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  1. catgate

    Where did they dig this bloke up from?

    Good or Bad or Disinterested?
  2. catgate

    Cyanistes caeruleus 21

    I think the idiot who took the snap should look further into his Technique .
  3. catgate

    The new world order 49

    Another example of America's intelligentsia........"Good ain't they"
  4. catgate

    House of Sergei presents updated off roader

    It also needs about ten quarts of petrol and a box of matches.
  5. catgate

    We respect all cyclists and look after their interests

    In my humble opinion that cycle path shown is far wider than necessary for the safety of the careful cyclist.
  6. catgate

    The new world order 48

  7. catgate

    Cyanistes caeruleus 21

    She is setting off down a very rough road (full of potholes.)
  8. catgate

    The new world order 48

    The Delivery Nurse threw away the wrong piece..
  9. Should be very popular in some places......like the spare parts sales vendors.
  10. catgate

    Please will you stop using that cheap plumber

    Is it that Australian model?
  11. catgate

    Cyanistes caeruleus 21

    Another one in the making !!! How sad !
  12. catgate

    My New Pocket Knife

    Ever since my days as a boy scout I have always tried to have a good pocket knife with me at any time. Sadly I have lost several good pocket knives because of the wearing away of the pocket bottoms.
  13. catgate

    The new world order 47

    It all depends on who makes the first move........and what it is. If it is above and passed the primary structure, then the West will need to "move" to a new stance regarding the East's out look on overloaded coal shovels in the "Bosforus" .when it is in reality the "Bosphorus" (except those that are not ).
  14. catgate

    Why the hell not 73

    She has a false opinion of something or other which is falser than she can imagine.
  15. catgate

    The new world order 46

    I would think that in order to find real humanity nowadays it is imperative to avoid all cities., towns and villages and live in the real country side well away from modern "values".

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