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  1. catgate

    Where's andsome

    There's not a lot of either about,... sadly.
  2. catgate

    Patriots girls join paint league

    "Patriots girls join paint league". "Patriot girl join paint league".
  3. catgate

    Just in case you thought I was joking

    It is difficult to decide whether the football is of more interest than mammary glands.and legs.
  4. catgate

    American fans emulate their heroes new outfits

    Its origin is quite well known.
  5. catgate

    Forum appearance change request

    I think a shower would be welcomed .... unless,,,,,,,,,the bloody stuff got out of hand and forgot to turn the tap off at the right time. We moved here, several years ago, because we were fed up of the Craven areas generosity with rain. I asked the Met office about the driest place in the York area and I was told Seaton Ross filled the bill, and It seems to have done just what we want. The village is like something on a postcard. It has several flaws and several are great big high powered tractors dashing up and down the village, doing what tractors do when they are dashing up and down a village..
  6. Most of what I contribute here is utter rubbish, so I do not worry about it.😪
  7. catgate

    More problems at Marvel as budget cuts bite

    Oh Dear! If it was slower (and slightly to the left ) the difference between it would not be as large as the Mark II (as used for years by JImmy's mothers, for well over a fortnight...to no avail). It was removed from the lists and he suddenly switched his interest to stealing Tractor tyres (or treaklies as he called them)
  8. catgate

    One for andsome

    "Perhaps I sat to far away". South Pole for example ???
  9. catgate

    One for andsome

    I think the "music" was extremely pleasant, though a little loud in many places. Or was it that I was sat too near????
  10. catgate

    Huge surprise as Iran signs up for FIFA initiative

    My advice to this young lady Is that she should get back on to her feet before she makes "dents" in the floor.
  11. catgate

    Marvel cash crunch hits Spiderman franchise reboot.

    " Marvel cash crunch hits Spiderman franchise reboot." Can it get any better....or worse???
  12. catgate

    Catgate The Prophet

    I think that "the online Darby and Joan clubs." have done a wonderful job of resurrecting afternoon tea and biscuits. Unfortunately the quality of today's biscuits is far lower than it should be for true D&J club. This matter needs bringing to the fore at the next meeting of the Steering Committee.
  13. catgate

    More teams sign up to FIFA initiative

    It's easy to see why.
  14. catgate

    Marvel studios hit budget problems with new movie

    I think she will need to have total removal of currently visible hair to get her uniform off.
  15. catgate

    FIFA unveils plan to increase women's football fanbase

    I can think of only one "game" where this position is any use.

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