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Linux Resources


Below is a list of a few of the more commonly occuring distros, and links to help you choose if you dont know which one is for you. Please note, some distros are aimed at more advanced users. Those distros are marked with a *.




The Fedora Project





Linux From Scratch*

The LinuxQuestions Distro List - A little more, but by far not completely, complete list.

Software Installation

  • Mandrake - comes with Urpmi - tutorial here.
  • Slackware - Multiple options. You can use Swaret or slapt-get, although it is agreed that with Slackware, it's better just to use the the native Slackware package management system or install from source.
  • SuSE - comes with YaST - tutorial here.
  • Fedora - comes with 2 actually, up2date and yum (preferred) - tutorials here (up2date) and here (yum).
  • Redhat - see Fedora.
  • Debian - comes with Apt - tutorial here.
  • Knoppix - Live distro, but Debian-based. If you do a HardDrive install of Knoppix, use the above Apt tutorial.
  • Gentoo - comes with Portage - tutorial here.

Additional Resources

The Linux Wiki - Wiki (n.) - A wiki (pronounced "wicky" or "weeky") is a website (or other hypertext document collection) that gives users the ability to add content, as on an Internet forum, but also allows that content to be edited by other users.

Google - Linux style

The Rute User's Guide - the MOST comprehensive Linux user's guide I've read - a definitely must-have (is downloadable in both pdf and html formats).

The Linux Counter

TLDP - The Linux Documentation Project: all the information you'd ever want to know about how, why, and when a Linux system does what. Confused yet?

A vi tutorial - A tutorial on the vi(1) text editor.

Kernel Recompile HOW-TO

LinuxPrinting.org - The best compatibility list / driver databse for Linux printers on the internet.

explore2fs - Exploring an ext2/3 Linux filesystem, through Windows!

Arizona State University UNIX Help Docs

LinuxISO.org - Ready to download?

ISO Burning HOw-TO

Kernel.org - The primary download site for the Linux Kernel source code.

SourceForge - Download site for thousands, literally, of open-source projects, information on their development team(s), and information for support/help.

KDE-Look and Gnome-Look - Customization and theming of the KDE and Gnome desktop enviroments.

LinuxGuruz.com - Excellent source of Linux links, how-to's, and applications.

LQRadio - Open talk about Open Source

Learning Bash by Example - a great guide to learning Bash shell scripting.

Contributed by trackrat

http://linux-newbie.sunsite.dk/ - A good site for beginners and people thinking about Linux.

Contributed by ScarecrowMan

Can't find a Linux equivalent to your favourite windows program? Try this: http://linuxshop.ru/linuxbegin/win-lin-soft-en/table.shtml

Contributed by korgg


www.linuxvoodoo.com <- a must see (my 2 eurocents)


Contributed by korgg

LinuxCompatible.org - an excellent knowledge base and very good forum.

Windows-to-Linux How-To - TLDP's section on Windows-to-Linux migration.

EverythingLinux.org - This site has a lot of links, how-to's and the webmaster is a developer who has written some very interesting software.

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Well there most certainly isn't a mention of Ubuntu, but that was in 2005. Ubunutu is now the strongest Linux distro, IMO, in terms of community. Its simply a massive community. Speaking of which I am working on an free online manual designed to help Windows Expert IT to learn Ubuntu Linux. I will post back once the project has a team website, but for now the general idea is that it will be a DocBook available for free as well as a tightly monitored Wiki. Together they will help Windows IT's find what they want to know about Ubuntu by letting them look for the windows equivalent first, and then explaining how that would work in Ubuntu. I worked with and supported Windows environments for over ten years, and finally made a change to Linux. IMO, Ubuntu is amazing and more Windows people at the expert level would find it enjoyable except it's very difficult to get over the culture shock and form the different attitude that is Linux. In short the project aims to make the process of becoming an Ubuntu IT easy and fun. Check back later for more info!


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Yea, the information's a little out of date, but most is still pertinent. Agreed, that Ubuntu is now among the major distributions despite its (relatively) young age. I'm enjoying using all flavors (currently running Kubuntu on the desktop and Xubuntu on the notebook).

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