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Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP

Scarecrow Man

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There have been a few questions regarding this, and because of that, I felt this post to be necessary.

We cannot tell you how to recover a "lost" or "forgotten" administrator password. It is possible to do so, but requires an advanced knowledge of the operating system.

We cannot tell you, because of security reasons. People could use this information to hack into a computer system, and cause extensive damage with an administrator password.

If you did not install Windows on your computer (It was reinstalled OEM, or by another person) you can contact this person regarding your Administrator Password.

If you have simply forgot, then your options are limited. Format and re-install being the most common option. If you require data recovery before formatting, please feel free to post a question for help, and we will do our best to help you get your data.

Please do not ask us how to bypass passwords, as we cannot tell you.

If you tend to 'forget' your password often, I suggest creating a password reset disk. Complete instructions can be found here: (XP Home and Pro Only)


Thanks for your cooperation.

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