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Logitech MX Revolution Review

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I've been using Logitech mice for a few years now, and when they released a new range my initial thought was "how can they improve on the MX 1000 laser mouse?!".

Well today I took the plunge and splashed out on this 'designer' mouse.

The Setup

As I already had the latest version of the Logitech SetPoint software installed, all I needed to do was inset the USB dongle into the PC and connect the charging base station to the power adapter.

All as easy as pie!

I launched the SetPoint software and the MX Revolution was already select, and wow are their loads of settings to play with.

Because I'm a bit tight on time, I will save talking you through all the settings, and instead attach all the screen shots of the software so you can see for yourself.

What's New?

Scroll Wheel - At last a scroll wheel I like. This time it doesn't just do line by line scrolling, but if you want it to it will scroll as far and as fast as you can flick it! (with one quick flick, I was able to get it to scroll 9,881 lines in excel). Although this seems a bit over kill, it does make scrolling up and down at Windows Forum a lot quicker!

Alt Tab Replacement - The thumb wheel does a very good job, and unlike its free spinning brother, this wheel is sprung loaded to return it to the centre after you have pushed it forward or pulled it back with your thumb. You can press the wheel in to call up the alt tab menu, or just push it forward / pull it back. The first time I personally saw this feature was with my MX 1000, but I never used it. Now it is located right next to my thumb I can see myself using this more often.

Search - A nice little button on top of the mouse allows one click search functionality. You can set this so it either pulls up the Windows search dialog, or my personal favourite, take you to a search engine of your choice.

Battery Life - I've only had this a day, and one thing I've noticed in the SetPoint software is that at 100% charge it calculates it will last for 15 days. I'm a bit optimistic over this seeing as my MX1000 required a charge every few days, but reading other reviews show that it can last up to 7 days.

Cost - Please Sit Down

Now you can get a mouse for £5, this will do the basic tasks. You could buy a wireless mouse for £25 and get a nice scroll wheel. Now you can take out a mortgage and buy the MX Revolution with a RRP of £80!

Luckily PC World have a collect in store price of £52, this saves you a good bit of money but it is still expensive.


Now what you have to remember, although this mouse costs more than some keyboard and mice bundles cost altogether, you are getting a superb product. Build quality is excellent, it looks great, and it feels nice. At the end of the day you get what you pay for and after all, you will be using this one piece of equipment more so than any other while operating your computer.

Go on, splash out on yourself!

Images - Feel free to click them to make larger

DSC01085.JPG DSC01086.JPG DSC01087.JPG

DSC01088.JPG DSC01093.JPG DSC01089.JPG

DSC01090.JPG DSC01091.JPG

Image1.jpg Image2.jpg Image3.jpg

Image4.jpg Image5.jpg Image6.jpg

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My Dad uses a trackball, and I think it is great. If I didn't play online games which required fast movement, I would use one all the time.

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I've been using a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer for several years now and I haven't really been tempted to go the wireless option.....yet..although I can see the advantages. This mouse does more than I really use as it is, so I'm not sure if I can justify the expense...although I'm very tempted!

PS If that state of tidiness of your desk is your norm.....you need help!! Or is it me who needs help?

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PS If that state of tidiness of your desk is your norm.....you need help!! Or is it me who needs help?

Ha! Well, it is the norm! I'm a neat freak and don't like clutter. The clutter gets dumped out of sight :D

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ive got the Logitech® G5 Laser Mouse , annd i like it

i dont have the MX because its wireless, which brings some bad points: heavier and slower response

You don't have to carry it around all the time

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