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Comodo + Wireless

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Does anyone else find issues with running comodo on a wireless network?

I have to close it because I cannot connect.

I have no problems running Comodo (firewall) and wireless or any other networks. Did you define your network to Comodo? Check the network monitor log to see what it has blocked that needs to be allowed.

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I have a question about Comodo FW. I have installed it on a computer and just wanted to know "is it normal that Windows doesn't recognise it?" I have uninstalled Outpost from the comp and installed Comodo. I keep getting the red shield and a message that says that 'Outpost has not been activated and click here to fix' - When I click here to fix, I have the option that says "i have a firewall and want to oversea it myself' and the only other thing I can do is activate Windows Firewall as well as Comodo. Are these findings right or is there anything I can do to fix them? ThanX in advance ;)

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