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Removable Drives


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I have recently gone through a couple of HiJackings, things are better now but I can not see my MP3 Player or cameras ( removable drives ) In Device Manager it says that things are working, but I can not see them in windows explorer to access them also when I try to run trouble shooter it gives me this message:

Windows cannot open Help and Support gecause a system service is not running

To fix the problem, start the service named "Help and Support"

I checked in msconfig and I don't see a service called :rolleyes: "Help and Support"

Ho ya I have also done a windows repare 3 times in the last month because of HiJackings.


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I was running Earthlink Protection Center, but after my first attack I saw it wasn’t really all that great so I removed it and started running AVG I do not have a firewall installed or turned on at this time, I’m not even running Windows Firewall.

I ran the scan you suggested it did come up with 180 solutions, which I knew about, I have not been able to find a program out there yet that will get rid of it. Have had it for 2 years now.

I do have a really good program installed called Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware it has done a very good job in cleaning out the junk after I was Hijacked :unsure:

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To remove 180 Solutions - use SpyBot Search & Destroy

Download it from :-


Install it

Check for Updates


Check for Problems

Then let the scan complete, and fix whatever it finds.

If it needs it, it will tell you that it may need to run in Safe Mode after a reboot to get rid of all vestiges.

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:( I do not have access to my trouble shooter. I have tryed changing the drive letter for the removable drive and it still doesn't work, :0 I don't know what to do and the person that told me to use spy bot thanks that messed it up evean more :angry: , now my computer thinks my hasp file that runs master cam is a virus :censored: , I'm stuck with SP1 for now. All this started because I got Hijacked and some of the stuf I have can not be replaced. is there a way I can reinstall the troubleshooter?? I have done a windows repair 5 times now. If some one can give me some usefull information I would be very greatfull.


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