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Learning C++

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It's a bit difficult just to say, learn C++, learn Delphi, or learn VB, without knowing your background and goals.

If you already know C, then it's probably best to proceed to C++ or C#.

If you already know Pascal, then Delphi is probably the next step.

If you already know Basic, then go on to Visual Basic.

If you want to learn a new, platform-independent language, go for Java.

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There is no easy way to learn; but there are some proven. If you are new to programming then you should first start with object oriented concepts. The book "Introduction to OOP Using C++" by Peter Muller is good to start. Then I would suggest you to do small experiments on computes as you read. Object Oriented Programming with C++, by E. Balaguruswamy, and is much easier to grasp as a beginner.

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Visual C# or .NET would probably be best to learn using a GUI at first.

They're both extremely simple to learn and you only need to click an item in the form to bring up its piece of code so you don't need to look through all your source code for the correct place to fit it.

Panarchy, I see your an anime fan. You ever seen Onegai Teacher?

By the way, I have no idea how that got posted three times! :huh:

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