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Best [free] Backup tool?

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What, in your opinion, is the best free Backup Tool for Windows?

I'm looking for one which is;

- Scriptable

- Can support file sizes over 10GB

- Has Shadow File Copy or equivalent [eg can copy a database which is in use]

- Testing of backups can be done through scripts [NTbackup and it's cataloging can't be done via CLI]

Would welcome some recommendations!

Thanks in advance,


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I just gave you a link to a website. I weren't looking into anything at 6:30am. :lol:

Anyway. That website usually does have some good stuff so if you're looking about for a good, free program, try there first. I got most of my stuff from there :)

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I've done a lot of research, but have still not been able to find a viable alternative to NTbackup.

If you are aware of any other free backup tools for the Windows OS, which support Shadow Volume Copy, I'd appreciate the knowledge.

Thanks in advance,


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