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Microsoft ends 2000 support 07/13/2010

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Microsoft ends 2000 support 07/13/2010! We should be able to purchase a disk with all the latest patches, security fixes, dotnetfixes, IE6 SP1 etc etc. If anybody knows where I can go or get this disk please let me know. I am current looking and have a tough time just acknowledging 2000 support web pages. For Win 98 they did offer a such a disk, but I missed that yet was able to get some that only work with internet connection

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Hi there, Welcome.

Actually it is not such a hard task to make your own Disk. You will need to download the WSUS Offline Updater (Free !)

I would suggest perhaps doing this on a "Clean Install" of Windows 2000 to be sure of grabbing all of the updates. This updater will not only get all of the updates for you, but also produce an ISO which you can burn straight to DVD. If you keep it going as a "Rolling Project" up until 2010 you should have just about everything you need.

Current version is 6.3 and you will find Windows 2000 on the "Discontinued Products" tab. Dont let that worry you, I tried it tonight and it is still working, and downloaded all updates (As an aside do not forget that Microsoft still have Update Rollup 1 as a download here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/891861)

Anyone else reading this can also use the WSUS Updater for other operating systems.

I done a tutorial a while back. It's a bit dated (Version 5.1) but is still relevant, and will give you some idea how to go about things. Good luck. :D


Nothing is quite so time consuming as trying to do Windows updates when perhaps you have just installed a new Operating System, when at times there can be as many as 60-70 updates required.

Perhaps you have dial-up at home, but access to a fast connection at work or a friends house ?

Want to nip over to Aunt Dorothy's house get the Windows Updates on her computer, and get out again fast !! ??

You can do these things if you use "Offline Updater". The whole idea behind the thing is that you download the Updates on a fast connection, Burn them to a DVD, (can be a Re-Writeable if you want to keep an updated disc) put the DVD into Aunt Dotty's 'puter, press "Start" and the job is done for you. Here's how:

Download Offline Updater from here: http://www.heise.de/ct/projekte/offline ... d_uk.shtml (version 5.1)

Once installed on your computer, click on the icon that says "UpdateGenerator" and you will see a screen that looks like this:


Choose the Operating System or Office Suite that you want updates for, and put a tick in the box that says "create ISO image/s". Have a quick look around to make sure you've made the correct choices, and then press "Start". You will then see a screen that looks like this: 2.jpg

Now you can go away, watch tv, make coffee, or anything else you've a mind too. This could run for in excess of an hour dependent on line speed and what you have selected.

When it has finally finished you will find an ISO file in the folder named "iso" (see first picture)

Put a DVD in your burner tray (either a normal burnable DVD or a re-writeable) and burn the ISO to the DVD. You can use the free burner software from here: http://www.ntfs.com/iso-burning.htm if you so wish.

Once the DVD is completed you can rush around to Aunt Dorothy, put the DVD in her computer, wait for it to load up, and then you'll see a screen that looks something like this: 3.jpg

Tick the selections that you require, Press "Start" and the updates are automatically installed on the recipient machine. Now walk around Aunt Dotty's garden and praise her flowers a bit.

It should be mentioned that to download these updates you MUST have a genuine Windows Operating System installed on the computer from which you are doing the downloads.

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Thank you a ton.

When running the offline updater does it accumulate a file (100 updates/about 1 hour) before you get to burn it to disk? Sometimes not all of the updates are recognized right away by the auto update feature but then I just hit the Windows Update icon until it affirms no more critical updates and then the Updater will burn to CD all in one? That's unbelievable. You could sell that disk on Ebay!

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You wait for it to finish. (You'll know when.)

And then........... As I have already said. (In the tutorial)

When it has finally finished you will find an ISO file in the folder named "iso" (see first picture)

Put a DVD in your burner tray (either a normal burnable DVD or a re-writeable) and burn the ISO to the DVD. You can use the free burner software from here: http://www.ntfs.com/iso-burning.htm if you so wish.

There is an ISO file Ready for you to burn to a DVD !!!words6.gif

Mr. Torsten Wittrock (German Computer Scientist) released this latest version (6.3) on 13th November 2009

I'm pretty sure that if he had have wanted anything other than to produce a final ISO file he would, with his numerous qualifications probably have done just that. clever663.gif

If you want to further complicate the file write system, you can I think drag the whole lot into ISOBUSTER and probably come up with a UDF presentation that may or may not work. I suppose if you end up with a load of "Coasters" you could try flogging them on EBay, and then do a runner. :unsure: :D

Have a good Christmas. santa-107.gif

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OK it's not yet Christmas. I had reinstalled. The WSUS program said 'download error/win2kenu version'. It seems to not acknowledge that I got the internet hooked up. I ran the updates then tried to run WSUS program and same problem. :dry:

My goal is/was to install the Root Hub 2.0 patch BEFORE the Linksys internet connection but now with the ability to reinstall Linksys, maybe not. Seems to have a solid connection now. The connection became occasionally faulty because the Root Hub 2.0 was installed after Linksys/internet connection. The Root Hub 2.0 appeared in the Device Manager about after the big 88 patch download, but searching for a driver was found in the winn\inf\usb.inf folder. I couldn't find but a winnt\servicepacksfolder\i386 folder that had a USB folder.

I would still like some sort of disk to upgrade/patch this computer BEFORE I hook up the Linksys or just not be dependent on the internet for such patches. Plus for future use as MS might not have a working auto update for W2K after the deadline.

There service desk is selling $9.95 SP4 disks but it might not be the SP4 Rollup which is what I think upgraded to the Root Hub 2.0 I may reinstall and watch for exactly when the Root Hub 2.0 appears, I may search the net right now about that.

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