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Not all RAM is supported


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My new laptop running Windows 7 home premium 64bit and integrated 4GB of ram can only allocate about 3.75gb.

Why is that?

I am absolutely positive it is a 64bit. Funny thing is that the system RAM: 4GB (3.75GB used) why does that happen? Can I avoid it somehow?

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I believe there is a 128MB dedicated graphics memory (not integrated).

If you add it up it kind of makes sense however 64 bit system shall be able to allocate far more memory if I am not mistaken.

Maybe this link can help:http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itprohardware/thread/ed80225c-9d0e-46a5-a700-61a97dfa5182

Keep us updated. :unsure:

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I tried to set in MSCONGIF full 4096 MB rebooted the system and suddenly the system showed RAM : 4GB (usable 2.80 GB) That didnt turn out so well.

I switched it back to automatic recognition and I am back to my 3.75GB

This is normal.64-bit chipsets allocate memory differently than 32-bit counterparts.Something to do with "address, index and base registers".

There is a lot to read concerning this architecture.I found some informative and confusing info on this site:--->Wikipedia

There's tons more to read.

Below is a screenshot of my RAM.Again,It is normal. ;)

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I would like to see a system where 8GB are present, how much would it trip than?

Probably couldn't start the thing because it wouldn't have any available memory. :shok:

I would guess there would be some formula as to how much of RAM is allocated as reserved for quick access.

64-bit systems are supposed to be optimized for 64-bit programs(which are supposed to be faster-but USE the memory instead of letting it sit idly by).You don't notice it a lot when running 32-bit programs because they don't use 64-bit architecture.

The rest of it and what I have stated above should not be construed as fact by anyone.Only conjecture from reading about this stuff. :vibrate:

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