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startup configuration utility "services"

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my XP has very slow startup. So I decided to change the settings of startup configuration utility. I made a few changes to Startup which worked well. Then I tried to change the "services". I clicked on the hide all ms services and disable all tab. but when I clicked on the apply tab,a window opened and showed the following:

An access denied error was returned while attempting to change a service. You may need to log on using an Administration Account to make the specified changes.

I logged with my administration account by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete tabs, but still it showed the same problem while modifying the services. Why is it so??

How can I remove this problem?????

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It is a much preffered method to change service configurations from within Services.Right click My Computer>Manage>in console tree,select Services and applications>select Services.

I do encourage creating a complete backup of your HDD in the form of disk image before continuing.If you run into problems or changes to your machine can not be reversed for whatever reason,you will have a recovery option available.

Some services will refuse to be modified.In this case,research whatever service that is being stubborn to aquire more knowledge.

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Before you play around with Services - make sure you read this !

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