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failure message when configuring


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okay. so i'm on the computer when on the taskbar, a box or something appear. I click it and it reads: Window is downloading updates. When it finishes, I click START. right next to the shutdown button, there is shield. Pass the mouse over it and it reads: install updates and then shuts down your computer. before the computer does, though, it installs the updates. when it finishes it shuts down. i go to turn it back on but before it completely boots up, there is a message that windows is configuring the updates. so i wait until it does it thing. when i went through this before, all went well. this time, though, i get a message like this: Failure to configure updates. Reverting changes. that disappears and my desktop shows up. I figure I have to try again. So I click START and right next to shutdown there is that shield of course. i click shutdown again. Window install the updates then shutdowns. Turn it back on, it configures. Then that failure message appears again. So whenever I go shutdown, I go through this whole thing again. So what what’s wrong? What do I do to fix this?

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