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After a series of update glitches with Kingsoft I've decided to have a try with another one of the freebies, this time I've downloaded ZenOK with corporate offices in the Netherlands Antilles and the Netherlands. It's a very simple interface and seems to have almost no options for customisation. There's no facility to schedule a scan or manually check for updates. It runs a continuous low impact background scan at all times and a full scan when you select it. It also offers malware protection and 2Gb of free backup data storage on the web, extra space cost money. The download comes with the ZenOK security toolbar which I've left out.

I've tested it with eicar and it detected and quarantined the file in standard and zipped format.

Not found any independent test results for it yet, but if I do I'll post a link.

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Well the first full scan is a little disconcerting as it's flagged 28 files as suspect, checking on them and they all seem to be password protected or locked system files and all quite innocent. I'm not impressed by the update system status display, it just shows when it last tried to update and takes no notice as to the whether or not it was successful or even connected to the web. It does however show a brief popup when it succeeds.

Not a good start but I'll persist for a month or so.

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Apparently it's based on the old Bitdefender engine and a previous version had such a monumental bug in it that it couldn't detect anything. Various websites showing links to it have clearly cut and pasted the same description including the somewhat optimistic claim

This efficient tool is five years ahead of any other security suite

Using on obsolete third party technology with a Spartan interface, Oh no it aint !

I await it's submission to Virus Bulletin or similar before passing final judgement, at the moment I'm thinking of it as an interesting Beta plus. Not quite finished yet but worth watching.

PS the Link to the VirusBulletin page will probably need you to register, it's free and personally I think well worth doing.

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Well it's only been a few days but it looks as if I've got a problem with it. Up to now the updates have worked OK, but the current download must include a significant program update, it's certainly not an incremental signature file. Problem is that it's so big my dial up connected test rig can't download the file in the two hour time limit and it seems like it has to start again from scratch after the link severs and as we all know an AV that can't update is pretty near totally useless.

Maybe somebody with a BB rig will be kind enough to test it further, but I'd wait until it gets some independent testing if I was you.

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I'm downloading Returnil at the moment. I'll have another bash at updating ZenOK, if it doesn't work it's for the chop.

I have had a problem registering ZenOK as I can't seem to get it to "connect to the server". The software informs me that my PC is protected and I see 5 new processes running in TaskManager, but the UI has no "Anti-Virus" tab as shown on the website. There is also not option to "update" the product, although I notice an updater process running.

I have uninstalled the program and will try again....

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Reinstall ZenOK and ran setup as default. Turned off firewall with no other programs running that could cause issues.

This is the result....

Not for this machine I suppose.:rolleyes:


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